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20장 : 열

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20장 : 열

( Chapter 20 : Fever )




Chanmi's P.O.V

The rain had stopped a long time ago and thank Goodness it did because it would seriously make this more difficult than it already was. Me and Jimin had been walking for more than half an hour now and it didn't seem like it would come to a stop any time soon.

My feet were seriously hurting but Jimin didn't seem tired at all.

Throughout this entire time,our hands were interlocked into each other's, somehow the warmth of it and being next to Jimin's side just made the situation a little bit more manageable...

...or maybe a lot.

Let's be honest here, Jimin told me to take the bus since it was a long way to his house but the stubborn me didn't want to. I mean,how far could it be,right?

Certainly didn't expect it to be on the other side of the town but...at least I found a good excuse to hold his hand all the time.

"Chanmi-ah," Jimin suddenly broke the silence,a small smile appeared on his lips. " Are you sure you're not tired? I told you that taking the bus would've been faster."

"Nope." My cheeks burned pink at my obvious lie but honestly,I wasn't the type to give in that easily.Not in a million years.

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