Push and Pull 2.0

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Lena are amazed by the crystal clear wide pool. To be honest, the brunette are blown away by the whole garden.

At first, she was a bit skeptical when her husband ask her to bring her to her bedroom. The bedroom that used to be Kara's. The blonde immediately pull the candle stand beside one of the bookshelf and just like in all those classic detective books she used to read, the bookshelf right beside the candle stand slide to the side. Exposing a small iron door.

Small enough for a person to enter.

Once you enter the door, you would need to pull the candle stand near the door entrance to automatically close the door. If you just follow the path from the iron door, you will soon find two intersections. Take the one on the left and you will be reached the garden at the back of the mansion... Or at least, that's what Kara told the brunette.

They took the one on the right, in maybe 5 minutes or so, you will finally see some light at the end of the tunnel.

Yes, indeed. At the end of the tunnel you will find a garden.

"A hidden garden in the middle of the mansion.", explain Kara.

"You mean..."

"Uhuh, literally in the middle. If you look at this mansion's plan, you'll find an odd gape in the middle. It's this garden."

To be honest, Kara is very proud of this garden. As her business grew, the blonde had redesign this mansion. Only a few people knew of this secret garden.

Lena walk around the garden in awe. Truly amazing. I guess it's true, rich people always spend their money in the most unexpected way.

"How were you able to build a pool in here? How do you keep all these flowers alive? When do you have time to take care of all these flowers ? Oh my god, is that red helleborine? Where did you--"

The brunette wasn't able to finish her words when suddenly Kara grab her hand and turn her around just so the blonde can see her face. She is not sure what the blank expression on the blonde's face supposed to mean. The two of them stare into each other eyes for what seems to be forever until Kara finally decided to break the ice.

"You're talking too much.", complaint the blonde.

Really, Kara? All that just to complaint about her talking too much?

"I'm... It ... Okay, I'm sorry. Didn't mean to annoyed you."

Sensing the sadness in Lena's voice, Kara couldn't help but sigh. Man, this woman is truly her greatest strength and greatest weakness. Funny... Is that even possible?

"You, Lena Luthor, have been driving me insane with your little game. What do you call it? Ah, push and pull."

The blonde said as she walk closer towards her wife. It's not that she was scared of Kara, Lena knew the blonde wouldn't hurt her but the brunette can't help but took a few steps back as her husband come closer to her.

"Push. You pushed me away after knowing my secret. You gave me the cold shoulder. Then, pull. After all that, you kissed me. Well, now it's my turn to play this game."

She come closer to the brunette. Their eyes still locked together.

"This is push."

Kara gently pinned Lena against the wall, with her palm pushing the wall right besides the brunette's head.

"And this is pull."

The blonde pull her wife into one passionate kiss. She bite the brunette's lower lips softly. Causing her wife to moan.

As Kara's kisses start to move down her body, Lena knew she should stop the blonde now... But she can't. Because she want this too. She have been dreaming about this ever since she met the blonde half naked on her bed.

"Hmmm... Ah...", Lena moan as soft kisses start to trail down her neck. It feel nice... So nice that she wrapped her arms around Kara's body. When she start to feel warm hands roaming on her body, she ultimately knew there is no turning back from here.

By herself, the brunette grab Kara's hand and lead in under her shirt. She put it right on top of her cleavages. Intentionally, she want the blonde to feel her harden nipple. She swear she can hear her husband gulp. Her pupils turn wider and darker as her head filled with desire.

Lena takes Kara's other hand... She lead the hand under her dress. Rubbing her own thighs using her husband's hand, slightly teasing Kara when she lead her hand in between her legs... Just to change the direction at the last second.

When the brunette feel herself soaking down there, she finally stop the teasing and give in to her desire. She put Kara's hand in between her legs.

The blonde went blank immediately when she touched her wife's wetness. Staring sincerely into the brunette's eyes.

"Are you sure?"

"Do it, please..." beg, Lena as she wrapped her arms around Kara's neck. The blonde buried her head in Lena's neck as she slide a finger into her wife.


Lena can feel the blonde inside her. As she slowly get use to the feeling of having someone else inside her, the brunette can feel Kara gently moving her finger in and out. In and out... Of her. The inside of her body is making her feel all this tingly sensation. With each thrust, Lena found herself wanting more of this tingly feelings.

Soon, she found herself whispering into her husband's ear.

"More, give me more please... I want more."

With that, Kara slide another finger inside her wife.

And that is how they spend the night. Exploring each other's body.

Author's note

I did not wrote all that... I didn't.... No... Man, hope my girl won't be reading this. Not that... I didn't do this with her, okay? Okay? This is fully from my imagination. I swear under my pen name. I didn't read what I wrote in this chapter simply because I'm embarrassed to read it. Forgive me if you found any error.



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