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He walks in the door and quickly throws his jacket at me the cold fabric makes my nipples hard as I stretch out my arms to catch his wet garment. I sit and wait for his instructions,
"Put it away for me pet" he says in a low and calm voice as he takes of his shoes. I love it when he calls me pet. I get up eyes fixed on the as alwase I hang it up next to the others and stand in front of him again,
"Good pet" he says pinching my nipple "look at me"
I look up into his face clean shaven, his dark hair that frames his face perfectly. I long to kiss he lips to lick along the small scar at his upper lip... but I don't that's what makes this fun, obeying he is in control.
He lets go of my nipple after pinching them harder and I look down again.
He starts walks to the stairs to his basement 'the play room.'
"Come" he says without looking back and I follow quickly walking just behind him kepping up with his long strides. He opens the door walks in and I follow waiting as he locks the door and turns up the lights.
"Down" he says and I fall into my submissive pose.

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