Chapter 23 - Pierce's POV

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It had been awhile since I've had a good night's sleep. Even though I was in a very uncomfortable position on the couch, I somehow felt relaxed when the room was filled with the scent of vanilla. Wait a minute. It wasn't the room that smelled so good. It was her. Opening my eyes, the blared sunlight troubled my vision. I squinted only to find that I was alone on the couch. The blanket was neatly snuggled below my chin that had kept me warm but instead I craved for her warmth.

Sitting up, I rubbed my face off from sleep, running a hand through my hair to neatly fix it as I heard bustling of utensils in the kitchen. Making my way to the kitchen, Olivia's back was facing me. Her blonde wavy hair cascaded through her back, wearing jean shorts and a floral sweater. My eyes wandered at her smooth long legs and I couldn't help but grin at her socks. It was knitted and in a fluffy white color. It reached just below her knee that was surrounded by a pink ribbon. I admit it was adorable but I couldn't help my imagination drift off to her wearing something naughty with those socks. I shook my head from the image as I felt my groin stir with the desire.

"Merry Christmas, Olive." I directed my attention to talking.

She turned around surprised and a blush crept on her cheeks. "Merry Christmas. Would you like some coffee?" She smiled, face glowing as she probably thought about last night's encounter.

"Yes please." I smiled and sat down comfortably. Last night drove me over the edge. I couldn't believe I went that far with her. No regrets on what I did but then I thought she'd get angry for going too far, her reciprocating was the last thing on my mind. When she told me she also wanted me I could have taken her then and there. However, I knew it would be her first time. I wanted it to be special for her and made sure that she was ready.

Olivia served me a cup of coffee and a piece of French toast. "Thanks. You made this?" I was stunned that she made an effort to cook, appreciating the gesture. She nodded, blushing profusely.

"Glad you didn't burn my kitchen down." I chuckled, teasing her. I saw her glare at me and just laughed at her adorable face. She was pouting which made me want to bite her lip.

"Hugh taught me how to make one. I was extra careful this time. It doesn't look appetizing but I hope it tastes just as good." I eyed the piece of bread warily and carefully picked it up. I took a bite and was surprised that it wasn't horrible.

A smile played on my lips as I saw her hopeful eyes, waiting for me to say something nice. "I've tasted better." I smirked, trying to tease her once more. She frowned and saw her shoulders slumped, looking down while she fidgeted with her fingers.

I lifted my hand to her chin, elevating her face to meet her in the eye. "Look at me." She lifted her gaze and I saw irritation flash in those beautiful grey eyes. "Sorry, I meant it as a joke. It was good." I reassured her.

She stood up then started walking away without giving me a second glance. I grabbed her wrists and pulled her to me. "You're annoying," she pouted and I knew right then that she wanted me to show more affection.

Instead of kissing her, I tickled her. Her angered face shifted instantly to a laughing one. "Pierce! S-stop i-i-it!" She squealed. Not stopping until she surrendered. Eventually, she gave up.

"O-o-kay! I f-forgive you." That was the magic word I waited to hear. I put her down but I gripped her waist tighter and closer to me. A smug look plastered on my face, knowing that I had won. She scoffed avoiding eye contact and folded her arms.

"As much as I want to bite that lip and kiss you senseless, I should take a shower. I'll be right back." I heard her gasp at my intentions. If I didn't have to change and brush my teeth, I would have stayed and kissed her longer. Groaning internally, my erection had throbbed with need. This had been a troubling situation ever since I found out I was attracted to her. That day I kissed her in the office ignited my desire for her even more. What I needed was a cold shower.

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