For the billionth time in her life, Evelyn wished Zayn wasn’t set to keep her blind sighted of the rest of the world so that she could focus all of her attention on him and nobody else. He wanted to isolate her, keep her all to himself.

“How I know so much about Harry is none of your business,” Luke replied harshly. “But I will have you know, no matter what kind of friendship, Harry and I have, don’t expect me to treat you any better because of your connection to him.”

“I never asked you to,” said Evelyn. She was about to turn around and go look for the safe, but, once again, Luke’s voice stopped her.

“I wouldn’t bother. If all those vampires couldn’t figure out a way of opening or moving the safe, I doubt somebody as useless as you would be able to,” Luke mocked.

“Then why tell me about it?”

“Because I have the spare key,” Luke bragged. “Want to know what’s inside Harry’s precious safe of valuables?”

“What’s the price?” Evelyn asked, almost by instinct. She had come too far to be foolish enough to believe that people would just do nice things and help others out of the kindness of their heart.

Not in Utopia.

Not in her world.

Everybody was out to get something. Unless you can give them something worth having in return, you are as good as dead to the world.

“Smarter than I anticipated,” Luke smirked. It reminded Evelyn of Zayn and Jonah’s arrogant smiles. However, Luke’s held much, much less evil, though the resemblance was definitely there.

Do they have like a special school or vampire training academy where they teach people how to smile like that? Evelyn wondered to herself as she stood her grounds with her head held high. She was not about to be victimised by another overly cocky vampire.

There was nothing that Evelyn could do against Jonah and Zayn, but Luke was a different story; whoever he was, Evelyn knew he couldn’t possibly possess half of the powers and influences Jonah and Zayn do. Well… there were things, which Evelyn could do to oppose Jonah, but she felt as if having Jonah as an arch enemy could potentially be more dangerous than having Zayn as an enemy.

The silence stretched out as she waited for Luke to continue and name what he wanted. She watched his face carefully, noticing the small knotting of his brows and the way his lips were pressed together; he looked like he was battling an internal battle with himself.

“I… I’m looking for someone. This someone is very important to me,” said Luke, “And I think something bad has happened to him—or will happen to him—and I need to find him as soon as possible.”

Evelyn crooked one eyebrow, confused. “I would love to help, but I doubt there is anything I can do to help you, Luke, I’m sorry. To be frank, you seem like a powerful guy, and I doubt you would need money or anything materialistic to fund your search for your friend. And that’s all that I could offer you; money.”

She gingerly looked over to the little black leather bag and gun she had taken with her that morning. Sometime during her rampage, Evelyn decided to toss the two incredibly valuable items away as if they were worthless. It wasn’t a smart move. However, nobody is ever smart when their bodies are running on anger and has the tender hand of evil patting their sorrowful souls like a master pats its pet.

“I don’t want money,” said Luke. “I need information.”

“And what kinds of information could I offer you? Zayn doesn’t tell me, anything, ever. Trust me, if he did, I wouldn’t be so in the dark and ignorant of so many things that are going on right under my fυcking eyelid.” She hesitantly glanced around Harry’s apartment, bitterness and rage lingered in the darkness of her face.

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