Chapter 101

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Unedited. And for those of you asking, I'm from the UK so yeah, I often spell some things differently for you Americans. I tried setting my spell check as American, but it doesn't really work haha. Love you guys! Enjoy this little treat ;) 

Dedicated to Cazz because she's an amazing person and had been reading my stuff for so long I'm surprised she's still interested in the shizz i write haha! You guys should check her out!


Books, broken bottles, empty boxes, cutleries, and broken chunks of god-knows-what flew across the room. They crashed either upon the dirty, dented walls or against the stained bulletproof windows.

Evelyn was lost within her rage, unable to comprehend the passing of time or the rapid quick-fire of her thoughts. Her brain was a jumbled mess, and all she cared about at that moment was the exhilarating feel of unleashing her anger using violence.

The feel of launching tangible and durable objects, then watching them smash, upon making contact with an even more durable object awakened a thrill from within her. It was the most adrenaline-charging thing she had ever experienced.

It terrified and excited Evelyn at the same time.

However, as the time passed, the fallen clock that lay by the foot of the fireplace ticked, the adrenaline died out and Evelyn ceased her aggression.   

“Done?” she heard Luke’s voice from a few feet away. He still leaned against the frame of the door and failed to move throughout Evelyn's violent outburst. There was a look of boredom on his face as he glanced around what remained of Harry’s apartment.

It looked better before Evelyn decided to obliterate the place, he decided after a few moments of observation.

Luke let out a huff of a laugh when Evelyn failed to reply.

“If Zayn’s guards didn’t do a good enough job trashing this place, then you will sure help them pass with flying colours when the tyrant decides to send somebody to come and inspect.”

Evelyn remained silent. She wondered why Luke was still there. She had expected him to leave her there at first chance. He sure didn’t bother hiding how much he disliked her from the moment they met.

Evelyn looked around the living room that was just a few feet from the entrance, and was about to venture the empty apartment, looking for something—anything—Harry might have wanted her to keep.

“Don’t bother,” said Luke. He knew exactly what she was about to do. “Ashton and I had already been here a few days ago. Trust me when I say those fυcking dickhead took everything worth taking. Every item of value—both sentimental and materialistic—were taken when they raided the apartment. Well… everything but the things in his safe, of course.”

“His safe?” Evelyn repeated Luke’s words.

“You didn’t expect a Royal like Harry to just keep all of his valuable belongings lying about in his apartment, do you? Well, that idiot does keep most of his money and expensive shit lying about—available for anybody to just come and take—but not the things money can’t buy.”

“How do you know so much about Harry?” Evelyn asked, realizing Luke was implying he had been in the apartment before.

Her eyes took in Luke’s lavish leather shoes, dark suede trench coat, and the crisp suit that peeked out from beneath it. Evelyn interpreted Luke to be somebody of considerable wealth, and possibly power; the securities outside had called him master after all. He must be somebody important, and a friend of Harry’s, she thought. If not a friend, then he must be a close associate of his. The way he speaks of Harry, speaks of Zayn, he must be somebody who circulates the Utopian and the Royal scene. Nevertheless, he can’t be that important, otherwise Zayn would have, should have, made me aware of him… Then, Evelyn remembered Zayn’s poor track record of telling her things. Who is he?

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