Happy birthday

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We went skating for Billies 17th birthday I mean that what she wanted and I was fine with that she was so happy she had nothing to worry about that day was all hers

"Yo prince can I talk to you for a sec?" I asked pulling him to the side of this ice rink

"Yeah whats good you okay?" He ask serious

"Yeah yeah I'm just fine but like I just wanted to know what I should do about Billie..."

"What do you mean?" She said really confused

"Like she's almost 18 but not at the same time right like I still gotta wait one year but she keeps pulling some shit like I know we haven't seen her in a while but she wanted to cuddle in my room the night you slept over but I was feeling more vibes than that."

"Man you asking the wrong person I mean like Billie is so fine I don't get how you ain't out here fuckin her already-"

"Damn nigga chill" I raised my voice

"My bad but like it's true it's not illegal if nobody knows" prince smirks

"Bitch that was the dumbest shit I've ever heard that's like saying oh I'm finna go murder a bitch cause it ain't illegal cause nobody knows"

"Well look at it this way as soon as they find out it was you then you go to jail so you are good as long as nobody finds out."

I just stared at prince blankly

"Sure Nigga you right" I said in a sarcastic voice

We skate back over and Billie almost fell flat on her ass but Gawa saves her I guess

After skating we cut the cake and chilled for a bit Billie sat right next to me and I looked at her and just smiled

I got her this bunny ring and she loved it

"Happy birthday mamas" I smiled and kissed her cheek

I gave her this bunny ring for her present
She looked at me with out smiling and more sad it seemed to me

"Is it that bad?" I ask
"No Que I love it" she tears up mushing her head into mine


After that me and Billie went to her house

"Mamas that cake looked super fire but it kinda tasted like stale ass" I chuckled and plopped in her bed

"Aye don't make fun of my vegan cake" she said in a silly voice while turning the lights red
"I'm sorry but it's true" I laughed

She crawled on top of me sitting on me

"Yeah you're right" she giggled
I grabbed her waist and pulled her body closer to mine

She leans over to kiss me and our lips connected instantly turning into a heated make out session I pull out of the kiss and kiss onto her neck softly

She moans when I hit her sweet spot I added suction and as I was giving her hickeys she started to grind on me

Knock knock knock

I hear at her door I immediately let go of the suction in her neck and she quickly jumped off

"Yeah?" She says opening the door
It was Maggie
"Hi sweetie um the gang is here" she said
"What?" Billie asked

"Oh I told them they could come over for a bit after your party" she said

"Oh.." Billie stood there and turned to me
She shook her head and left the room I grabbed her remote and turned off the red lights

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