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For some time they both sit quietly and started thinking something...

Nandini closing her eyes thinks
"Should I talk to him? I know he must be thinking that I took all the things in wrong way.. And why won't he? I was the one who went away in morning without saying anything."

Manik while looking towards nandini through his corner of eyes thinks..
"Should I talk to her about last night..  I mean why she went away in morning without saying anything? Did she took all the things in a wrong way? But she said she trust me, so may be their is something else. But she said she trust me in drunk state.. And how on earth anyone can trust someone in just 2-3 days. God this girl, I think I should talk to her! Yes I should."

Manik: (shifting towards nandini called her when she was busy in her own land) Nandini... (And by his voice her trance got broken)

Nandini without saying anything look towards him. Again their eyes met and both shared a "cute sa Eyelock "

After sometimes Manik again tried to say something but before he could say something or asked something Nandini said as if she could read his mind.

"I know manik what you wanna ask me,  I know you might be thinking that why I suddenly went in morning without saying anything, I know you must be thinking that I took all the morning situation in a wrong way ryt?"

Hearing her words Manik was totally shocked but gaining some courage he just nodded his head in yes!

Nandini smiles seeing the Cuteness of Manik and said... "I remember everything Manik! So relax! I went in morning coz I had some work" Listening her line he was little bit confused that what work? And he was going to ask her, but before that again Nandini spoke as if she can read his mind.

"Please don't ask me anything, because I can't explain you" Saying this she's trying to ignore the eye contact with him, coz she knows he will asked about the slap thing too, and this all the things made her a little bit upset, while seeing her this gesture Manik wants to comfort her and sooth her pain, because he knows very well that may be this problem is also related to her family,  he can feel her pain from day one,  he himself don't know why he can't see her upset face.

So he thought he will do some Mimicry, so she will laugh.

Manik started making funny faces with funny voice which caught her attention and he saw grin on her face.
Manik go towards her and tickled her and this time she show her toothy grin to him but he doesn't stop.
He tickled her more and more and Nandini couldn't resist the ticking feelings, So she laugh and laugh and at one point her stomach ache but Manik didn't stop.

"Manik stop ha ha ha Manik please stop naa please stop Manik ha ha ha" Said Nandini while laughing.

But Manik didn't stop tickling her due to which Nandini couldn't able to balance herself and she hold Manik's collar tightly but Manik foot tripped and they both fall on the floor. Manik was above her smiling at her and she too was smiling at him clutching his collar very tightly and their they will again share "cute sa chotu sa Eyelock".

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