chapter six

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(Picture above is what I imagine their son to look

(Third person pov)

None of them thought that one day they would be here walking down the aisle after everything they have been through, the venue looked amazing it was by the ocean by the bridge....where todoroki and bakugou confessed their love....where Izuku tried to kill himself...and where they proposed to him and now where they will marry him

Its been 6 years since they moved away and their son had grown so much infact all of them had grown especially their love for each other had grown

Nobody knew where they moved to but just a few months ago todoroki's father died so they moved back to japan where they are finaly getting married

Walking down the aisle wearing their matching suits that were grey with a white button up shirt and bows in the color of the gay flag they stopped in the end of the end of the aisle to say their vows as they were finaly officaly each others they stare into each others eye as they started sharing a kiss then Izuku threw his bouquet as jirou cought it

The party was starting the people where eating cake and dancing to music and the three pair with thier adorable son deku rubbed his belly feeling a small bump they were going to have another baby and they couldn't be happier

They were going to be a big happy family and no one and nothing could stop them

This is the end of the main plot but there will still be chapters comming out

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