Summer work out

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So for girls it's SO MUCH HARDER to lose wrought than guys. Sadly. But... WHO CARES!!!!

Not me.

What I do care about is being healthy and happy and safe.

So without further ado here is a good workout that you can do everyday at home. I don't have a gym member ship so this helps.

Abs and arms

💪🏻30 table top crunches- targets upper abs
(legs up and bent at a forty five degree angle and lie on your back. Engage/ tighten your upper abs as you go up hold it and release when you go down ensuring you will get the best workout for your abs)

💪🏻45 oblique/ v twists- no more pooch(how odd of a name)
(Sit in your tail bone area have your legs up and feet crossed over and with a weight. Have your elbows hovering over your stomach. Tighten and engage your lower abs. Move your upper body and hands with weights left to right and that is one rep.)

💪🏻 25 side crunches- smaller waist (each side)
(In a fetal position like your in your bed kind of... any ways.... hands behind ears. twist your upper body so it's more straight and your lower body should still be in the same position. Go up and do this 25 times)

💪🏻1:00 plank- targets all over your abs
(Arm bent and forearm on the ground upper arm/shoulder in a normal position (not bent). Body completely straight. Lift your body up by your arms- supporting your body. Hold this for one minute.) or you cans have your arms not bent like a push-up position.

💪🏻 35 plank twists- tiny waist
(Plank position just twist your body side to side
And work that waist)

💪🏻 15 pushups- arms
(hopefully a lot know this, of your don't know how, just comment and I'll tell you. So jut go up and down where your nose can almost touch the ground.)

💪🏻 25tricep dip- triceps
(one weight. Hands and arms over head and together. Bent back. Lift so your arms is straight and do this 20 times).

💪🏻 20bicep curl- bicep
(Two weights and your arms by sides. Lift arms into a folding position and go back down).

💪🏻 15 Y ups- underarm area
(Two weights and put your hands up in a y position like cheer leaders, ymca, etc and bring them back to your sides)

Butt and legs

💪🏻 32 jump squats increased thigh muscle
(Jump up and land in a bent position engage your butt)
💪🏻Fire hydrant- isolates glutes
(Crawling position one leg goes out like a dog peeing idk....) it's odd but effective
💪🏻Jump lunges- toned calf's and muscular thighs
(IMO up and land in a lunge position and with your back knee touch the ground gently don't touch the ground with your knee if it becomes to difficult or even bangs against the ground.

💪🏻Wall sit- big and toned butt
(Sitting in a chair position against the wall engage butt and that's it).

💪🏻stairs- calfs and thighs
(Run you and down the stairs for seven or force minutes.)

These are easy home workouts and I hope you enjoy them and take care of y'alls bodies!!!

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I hope your summer vacations are well and fun. Be safe wherever you are and whatever crazy things you do. Or don't do. Use SUNSCREEN!!!!!!

I am at the beach and there are no cute boys. What. The. Heck? Like not that I would talk to them anyhow, but still I'm a teen girl who's hormonal especially this month Anyhoo... tmi sorry sorry.

QOTD: It's okay to feel. It's okay to feel sad. Mad. Happy. Excited. Tired. Exhausted. Scared. It's okay to feel things a human should feel when certain situations provide these emotions. It's okay to feel.

                       -Sydney (me lol. I know there are other quotes like this, but I wanted to remind you all of this thing we tend to not allow ourselves to do.)

Lots of love and summer glows. (Not from a tan only)

Love you all so so much. Even though I don't know you. I still do, so if there is anything you need to talk about, dm me. I'd love to talk to every one of you.

I might do a chapter on what I have been through in my life and advice. Comment WUMBO if you want me to. 🤪

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