Chapter Thirteen

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Chapter Thirteen

Brooke and Paige made it back to finish learning the group dance with the new music. They began learning their different duos, but they didn’t get much done. Brandon kept saying things that made Brooke feel awkward. They had no chemistry during the dance and their acting sucked. Paige could hardly focus on her duo with Chloe. Mackenzie and Nia learned their solos and Maddie waited patiently out in the dancers den. She sat with Nick, and they talked for a few minutes.

“Are you going to Prom this year?” Maddie asked. She had heard Auriel talking about it with Payton earlier that day.

“Um,” Nick said. He laughed, “I don’t know. I don’t have a date.”

Maddie turned her head to the left a little bit, “I thought you were taking Payton.”

“But you just asked me if I was going…” Nick pointed.

Maddie let out an awkward giggle. “Well Payton was talking to Auriel today. And she said that she had her dress picked out and everything. She even said that she had already rented you a tux.”

“What?” Nick asked. “No. We talked about it, but that was when Brooke and I were talking, too. I never agreed to anything. And…” Something in Nick’s brain clicked.

He jumped up and over a stack of tall mats. Maddie stood up and watched him enter studio A and was shortly followed back out with Abby chewing his butt out. Nick nodded, “Okay. Okay.” He walked back out and sat back down with Maddie. Maddie looked at him, shook her head, and laughed.

Up in the viewing room, the moms were sitting, watching the duo rehearsals. Christi sat in her mommy jeans and blue shirt. He hair was up in a pony tail and she had her finest pair of Target flip flops on. She checked her watch. It was about time to head home, it had been getting later and later and Chloe had school in the morning. Melissa sat next in the middle in a green dress and gold sandals. Holly was wearing a nice black suit, she had just recently picked her job back up at the school she was a principal at.

“I’m really sad that Kelly didn’t come back.” Melissa said.

Christi nodded, “She’d been texting me all night. She’s done with Abby. Brandon is picking the girls up and taking them to dance for the rest of the week, and Kelly’s not coming to the competition this weekend.”

Holly thought for a moment and then said, “Kelly just needs time away. I think as much as she says that she hates Abby and she’s never coming back, she’ll keep coming back for her girls.”

“I feel so terrible for Brooke, though.” Christi said.

Melissa nodded, “Oh, I do too. She must be so tired, physically, emotionally, and mentally.”

“I’m proud of her though.” Holly said. “She’s three weeks into the new school year, and she’s doing better than some kids at my school who don’t have a lot going on outside of school. I’m very proud with how much she’s grown and accomplished.”

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