Thirty - Seven

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Skylar's POV:

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Skylar's POV:

I kept on pounding on the door. Nobody responded. At this point, all I could hear was my heart beating wildly.

Inhaling deeply, I stopped the failing attempt of shouting for help. Pushing my shaky hand inside my back pocket, I took out my phone. I knew I could simply call anyone and get out of here. But I still felt scared. And out of breath. There wasn't a single window in here for air.

I was breaking out from oxygen. And the panicky state wasn't helping at all.

Scrolling through my contacts, I looked for Alex's. Not surprisingly, my phone fell down from my trembling hand. I fell down on my knees, picking it back up again.

I couldn't help but take shallow breaths. The darkness around me and the lack of fresh air, not to forget the packed up atmosphere. It wasn't helping at all.

What if I remain trapped here forever?

I tried my best not to dwell on to that. I'd surely get out. Somebody has to open this door. I'm sure I heard the bell ring for the next class. That meant I had been here trapped for one entire period.

Why wasn't anybody coming?

I was about to press on my screen to call Alex when I felt the door knob turning. Out of nowhere, hope filled inside me as I stood up. And I wouldn't say I wasn't relieved when I saw the door open.

"Oh my God." I rushed outside.

I didn't think I had ever been this much grateful in my entire life. I pushed back my sweaty hair away from my face, calming my nerves down.


For the first time, I actually noticed the person who saved my life. I had been too busy thanking God at that point.

It was Jesse.

Instead of replying, I went faraway from the door I had been just trapped behind and leaned back against the lockers.

"Were you trapped in there all long?" He asked, looking back at the door.

I didn't know what he was doing here when he didn't even study at this school. Expecting him here would've been the last thing I did. But he saved my life. That's what counts.

"I–somebody locked me there." I whispered.

He looked back at me, still looking confused. "Really?"

"I'm not crazy enough to lock myself in there." I glared at him.

Somehow, my heart wasn't beating as fast as it had been. But my hands were still slightly trembling.

"I mean, of course." He overcame his confusion at last. "Are you okay?"

I gulped and looked at the door.

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