Chapter 7

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"What are you two still doing here" mr McDaniel rolled his eyes in annoyance

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"What are you two still doing here" mr McDaniel rolled his eyes in annoyance.

"We'll wait right here for Thea" Xavier said sternly.

"Nope out both of you before I give you a months worth of Saturday detentions" sir narrowed his eyes motioning for them to get out. Luca managed to get up as soon as he heard Saturday but Xavier glared at sir and reluctantly got up after being dragged by Luca.

"We'll be waiting right outside Thea call if you need me" Xavier nodded.

"Yep and after that we'll go get burgers ohhh I could go for a burger right now" Luca licked his lips.
"ughh feels like I haven't eaten in years"

"Luca you ate an hour ago" Xavier sighed slowly walking towards the door.

"Well I can't help that my stomach processes food quickly just like how you can't help the fact that your a moody dick all the fucking time frankly I'm starting to think it's a full time job" Luca stuck his tongue out.

"Luca if you don't keep your mouth shut I swear on sweet baby Jesus that I will drown you in a tub of bleach" Xavier yelled after Luca who was out the door.

"Ha jokes on you, you don't own that much bleach" Luca cackled.

"Shut your damn mouth" Xavier grunted whacking Luca as they both exited the room.

I wanted to tell Xavier to come back and stay with me but I didn't. I wanted to tell him that I didn't want to be alone with the teacher but I couldn't . The teacher was giving me weird vibes but I guess I'd have to over look them.

"Since your going to be here for a bit do you wanna get your work and sit here" sir said smiling softly. His expression showed one thing but his eyes showed something completely different and out of restlessness I just got up an did what he said.

"How have you been getting on with your work" he asked holding a pen out for me to use.

"Alright I could do with some more revision" I shrugged.

"Great so I can help you out" he beamed his fingers slowly grazing over mine as he handed me my pen. immediately I retracted my hands in discomfort and smiled awkwardly.

"No it's alright sir I think I'll be fine"I said.

"Are you sure" he titled his head closer towards me.

"Yeah" I nodded looking down at the paper to avoid his lingering gaze.

"Hey are you ok" he asked placing his hand on mine.

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