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Haya walked out of the infirmary. Where to go now? She looked around and found herself next to the staircases. She shrugged to herself and walked up the stairs, making her way to the top. Class 2-1, class 3-1 and finally, she pushed open a double door to her left. Her eyes widened in utter amazement. She walked to the railings where the inner circle of the school was. Giant sakura trees reached the roof, their pink petals gently falling with the wind. The fountain sparkled with sunlight. It was magnificent.

She turned around and found herself bedazzled by the sight before her. Hills over hills, trees mounting each wonder. Behind the trees laid the mountains, towering over the whole city in all their glory. The chilly wind made her shiver slightly and she walked closer to the railings, peering down at the ground. Below them was a garden with plots of flowers brightened by the sun. She was amazed by the beauty of the school. She left it for now, she needed to eat. When she turned around, she noticed a girl sitting by herself on a bench. Her black hair covered one of her eyes. Maybe I could sit with her?

She walked over and asked her the question. The girl looked up in surprise, a blush covering her cheeks. Though she still nodded and scooted over a bit, leaving space for Haya to sit. Haya grinned and sat down beside her. "Thanks!" They sat in silence, eating their food peacefully. Haya continued to look at the scenery. She had never experienced anything like this. She was glad she moved, even if her parents didn't move with her.

The thought got her mood down. A sad expression crossed her face. Upon realising what she felt, Haya shook away the thoughts and continued to eat her food. It wasn't much, just a couple of store-bought biscuits. Haya couldn't cook. In fact, she'd burn the house down if she touched her oven. So she just kept going to the store and bought cheap things to eat. A reason why she wasn't good at sports, she never had the energy to exercise with all the food she doesn't eat. Haya's mission was to save cash for her university and to do that, she'd have to cut costs. Food was one.

Horuda suddenly got up, shocking Haya. Her lunch box was closed. Haya looked down at her phone to check the time. "Don't you want to wait a little longer?" she asked. "The bell rings in 9 minutes."

Horuda blushed a bit darker. "It's better to get there earlier," she said shyly, rubbing her arm. "Thank you for sitting with me." Her voice is barely above a whisper. She walked away.

Haya watched her go and sighed. Guess she's not much of a talker. She looked down at her food and finished off her biscuits. She shoved them into her mouth, chewing as she ran down two floors and into her class. She swallowed just before she entered and made her way to the back, passing everyone on their phones.

Hana wasn't there, she saw. She sat down in her seat and shoved her empty plastic bag of a lunch box into her bag, waiting for her new friend. She felt a stare on her and looked to the side. She noticed a student sitting a seat away from her blush and quickly look away. She had long orange twintails tied with thin salmon pink scrunchies with white polka dots and a small red bow on the right side of her head. She quickly glanced at her and looked back away.

"I-I wasn't looking!" the student nearly yelled. "I was looking at the window!"

Haya giggled to herself. This girl was a tsundere. Haya loved a cute tsundere. "Hi, I'm Hayami. You can call me Haya though," she introduced.


Beside her sat an exact lookalike of the girl except genderbent. "I'm Osano." He greeted sitting down. "N-Not that I want you to know." He blushed and looked away.

"You're twins, right?"

"Yeah." Osana nodded, refusing to turn her way.

Before anything else could be said, Hana walked into class and sat beside Haya. Haya gave the blonde a smile just as class begun. Haya turned her full attention to the teacher and focused only on her, something Miss Fuka appreciated.

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