Chapter 33

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“Wait…” A hoarse and husky voice came out from Lan Ziyu. He knew she was on the verge of climaxing. He pulled out from her, halt his pumping, and turned her around, making her face the recliner, her back to him. He positioned himself and thrust into her from behind.

“Ah~!” She arched back her head with her small hands tightly gripping onto the cushion.

Her sex juice splattered onto the bedsheets at the rhythm of his pumping. The flow was such that it drenched the back of his hand which he wiped on her back before bowing down and licking it off. One of his hand stretched out to explore the bouncy flesh swaying at her front. It was so soft, he couldn’t help pinching and pulling on them.

He gave her reddened cherries a good pinch and rolling them in between his fingers, sending jolts of pleasure through her body. If he wasn’t supporting her at this moment, she would have slumped on the bed at once, knocked out by the maddening thrill of lust.

“Big Brother… Ah~ Unnn~” The caresses, the breasts teasing and the hot meat rod pumping in and out powerfully inside of her had rendered her numbed and limped.

His length had reached so deep that her body no longer knows if it was pain or pleasure. The more they went on, the rougher his lovemaking was, galloping her with ferocity. Her vagina felt on the verge of immolation and her internal sprinkler was broken, unable to stop leaking love juice.

“AH~ No more… Ah~ dying…. I’m going to die~” Zhou Min fainted the next moment, but before her mind blackened into the abyss, everything became white.

Her ultimate orgasm had blanked her mind. She bit her lips as her body jerked and twitched. She had forgotten how taxing making love with him was.

Unfortunately, Lan Ziyu was far from quenching his desire. The thrill of taboo love and making out in secret had stimulated him beyond reason, so he continued to thrive, his penis raring to go and his stamina unexhausted. He carried his sister to the table and grabbed her buttocks, spreading them to accommodate another round of fierce pistoning. Sounds of flesh colliding and wet sliding echoed while a strong fragrance of spring dream pervaded the study room.

“Imperial Brother… No more… Stop…” He roused her from her short rest when he put her on the round table they ate dinner earlier. Her beautiful eyebrows knitted together as her lips trembled. The lingering pleasure made the inside of her vagina constantly twitched and itched. Her knees almost buckled under the pleasant sensation, leaving her powerless as she tried to prop herself up from the table.

Lan Ziyu pulled up her soft body and regardless of her protest, his burning sex continued to plunder her tight cave.

With one hand he fondled Zhou Min’s plump and soft breast and with the other, he stabilized his body. His fingers rolled and pinched her reddened nipples. He could feel them stiffened again under his actions.

Without the ban on sexual activities, he had no qualm leaving his desire free reign over his reason. As he unleashed his lust, he could feel the charming body underneath responding, igniting a satisfied smile on his face.

He stretched out his tongue and gently licked her exquisite earlobe. At this proximity, his sense of smell was overwhelmed by her fragrance – a sweet and tempting one which lingered stubbornly in the air, urging him for debauchery.

“No more… No more… I… I…” She panted heavily. “I’m going to die… Imperial Brother… I can’t continue… pull it out… please… Ah~ No- I’m coming again~”

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