Chapter 32

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Lan Ziyu hugged her and pulled her up to sit on his leg. He positioned himself on the recliner so they both face toward the outside. It was without a doubt, regardless of the screen rendering their lovemaking vague, some ministers outside could still see Lan Ziyu’s movements when he penetrated her. As his hard member slipped into her, Zhou Min shivered and arched upward in response. Lan Ziyu pulled her down immediately and covered her mouth before she let out a too loud moan which couldn’t be covered by the incessant noisy quarrels outside.

“Please make a decision, your Majesty!”

“Please impart us of your judgment, your Majesty!”


Meanwhile, Lan Ziyu felt beyond comfortable with his hot desire well buried inside of Zhou Min’s tight cave. His eyes narrowed as he enjoyed the sensation of her vaginal walls latching onto him like thousands of mouths doing fellatio on every inch of his meat rod. It made him itch and numb from decadence. He hugged his sister and slowly rocked his hip.

Then, he noticed the silence reigning outside. His thin lips hooked into a cold smile. “You’re done quarreling? Ah~ Quiet…” His voice was full of magnetism.

However, his words sounded oppressive, and his tone, cold like frost. It caused the ministers’ heart to be filled with terror. They shrunk back their necks with cold sweat as if they were a weak plebeian in front of a despotic gang leader at the marketplace.

“Your Majesty, please forgive us, servants!”

“Prime Minister, don’t you already have a plan?” Although the people outside had no clear idea of what was going inside, Lan Ziyu, on the contrary, had a good grasp of the situation outside even while he was busy making love to Zhou Min. While everyone quarreled, he had noticed that his young Prime Minister had kept his distance and maintained his calm the whole time. That man stood as a spectator while his colleagues argued.

“This subject has a suggestion, makes all the wealthy families, merchant houses and auctions contribute in our country. With that money, we can invest it in the protection of our borders. In order to stop any dissatisfaction, they will be granted the exclusive title of being the imperial family merchant, a title which could be passed on from one generation to another. In addition, with that title, they can easily trade with the imperial family. As for the reinforcement of the borders, the money will be divided into aid relief and the construction of houses for the war victims which will help solve the current crisis. In addition…”

Lan Ziyu smiled as he listened to his Prime Minister presented the idea with composure. His expression revealed enlightenment at the words. Meanwhile, Zhou Min had lifted her head when she heard the Prime Minister talked. His idea was logical, reasonable and well organized. It felt like it wasn’t something the man thought up on the spot but the result of a mature reflexion. Why did he wait until Lan Ziyu shut everyone up before mentioning it?

There was skepticism in her misty eyes which made her almond eyes sparkled vividly. Her crimson lips were plump and seemed soft as she lost herself in reverie, unaware how tantalizing her inflamed nipples dotted her full and fair breasts. Still immersed in a feverish passion, her fair skin had turned into a pinkish shade printed with marks of their lustful throes.

Lan Ziyu had immediately noticed the person between his legs was distracted which caused him to be depressed. This girl! You still have time thinking about something else while riding my little brother so happily?

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