Chapter 31

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He grinned and whispered into her ears with his husky voice, “How sensitive. I only tease your breasts a bit, but you already climaxed. Rest assured, the best has yet to come…” He inserted his fingers deeper into her moist cave, making her love juice flowed out abundantly.

“Unnn~ Humm…” Zhou Min wanted to moan, but she suddenly remembered there were people outside. Her hands covered her mouth tightly and shook her head erratically while looking at Lan Ziyu with pleading eyes, begging him to stop. She could feel the foreign object thrusting into her. Her insides twitched and tightened around his fingers. She wanted to push them out, but her resistance was futile. His fingers proceeded deeper into her flower stem.

She clenched her mouth tightly, not daring to utter a single sound. She continued to implore him with her eyes as the tears pooled inside, overflowing at the last moment. Her insides had narrowed to the point he could feel a bit of pressure on his fingers. She retreated her hip and tried to close her legs. Unfortunately, Lan Ziyu was between her legs, making it impossible for her to deny him access to her secret garden.

“Baby, relax a bit. You’re so tight! My fingers will be crushed by you. Tight like this, how can I feed you with my meat rod? Be good and loosen up a bit.” His breathing was a bit erratic as he spoke tenderly in her ear before sucking on her earlobe.

Despite so, he continued to finger thrust her wet vagina, sliding in and out while hitting all her good spots. He couldn’t believe how much love juice could flow out from such a small hole. His whole hand was completely soaked and there was no hindrance when he thrust in as her inside was over lubricated. The smooth and tight sensation of the vaginal walls sent a wave of pleasure to his huge hard-on, making it twitched constantly. He felt as if his penis was on the verge of exploding.

“D-don’t…. Ah~ Brother… Lighter… I can’t…” She buried her head in Lan Ziyu’s neck while crying out sweetly. She felt electrified every time he rotated his fingers in her vagina. Her body trembled in response and her inside contracted crazily. He made her crave to be filled to the brim by his thick rod. She wanted to feel that sweet pain of being invaded.

“Where is it uncomfortable? Is it here?” A sleazy expression appeared on his face. His fingers drilled into her depth with fervor. His thumb found her reddish and plump clitoris and ground it mercilessly. It was too much. She couldn’t suppress her moans and her body swayed up and down, trying to press against his hand for more pleasure. Her inside twitched wildly as her vagina became a broken dam.

“Min’er, your little mouth below is broken. There is so much water flowing out, and it’s so delicious, I can’t stop myself from drinking it…” He remembered when he took her the first time in Clear Jade Hall. When he sipped her love juice the taste was so sweet like the finest nectar. It was unforgettable. Suddenly, he retreated to push her legs opened wider. Then, he shoved his face in between and opened his mouth. Without further ado, he covered her whole slit which exuded a bewitching aroma. He made loud sucking sounds as he drank her juice. At times, he would kiss her flower petals or stretch out his tongue to tease her trembling and sensitive clitoris. Waves of pleasure rendered her weak, pushing her on the verge of collapsing yet not. The sweet torture stimulated her to produce more sex fluid which wet everything.

“Delicious! It tastes the same as the first time. It makes me crave for more!” He sucked her with voracity until Zhou Min jerked back in orgasm with her toes curled in tension. He stopped the cunnilingus, full from the taste of her nectar.

“Do you feel good, my love? Or is that little mouth below still uncomfortable? Do you want Brother to ease your suffering?” He stayed kneel between her legs with a smile still wet from her leftovers sex fluids, a testimony of her lust.

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