Chapter 25

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Lan Ziyu held the hand tightly. Chaos reigned in his mind and there was unrest in his heart as many clashed inside his mind. However, not a single time did he have the intention of letting her go. That’s right! Despite knowing their love was an unforgivable taboo, he refused to give her up. Although it was only the second time he tasted her, he was keenly aware that it was better for him to die than nothing having her by his side.

“The Princess’ body is not suitable for intense exercises or prolonged labor. She needs to rest…” Head Physician Wang spat out the words while trying to tone down the meaning – sexual intercourse should not be done like a marathon, cannot be too frequent and had to take into account the health of the partner.

“I know.” Lan Ziyu had the old man’s embarrassed appearance. He gestured at him, indicating that he understood and there won’t be a next time. When Head Physician Wang took his leave, Lan Ziyu suddenly called him back. “Head Physician Wang, you know what you should remember about today, right?”

“This old subordinate… has no memory of today.” The old doctor looked distressed at his monarch whose gaze showed lust to his sleeping little sister in his arms. If Head Physician Wang guessed correctly, the man who caused the princess to be in such a sorry state was none other than his sovereign. To discover such an outrageous secret scared him endlessly to the point of collapsing. This is incest and immoral!

“I heard your daughter had just come to age. She also happened to be the same age as the princess. The Princess doesn’t have a conversation companion. Bring your daughter into the palace, she will be my imperial sister’s companion. From henceforth, you will be the Princess’ personal physician. If anything happens to her, I will bury alive all nine generations of your family to accompany her!”

His words made Head Physician Wang kneeled in fear. He pleaded with trepidation. “Your Majesty! Your Majesty! This old one will his best to treat the Princess. Please let my daughter go. Please…”

“What? I let her be my imperial sister’s companion is wronging her?” His tone turned harsh in a split of an instant. It gave people the impression he would slaughter them the next instant.

“N-n-no… This lowly subordinate doesn’t have such meaning. I fear that my daughter is too clumsy and agitated the Princess!” Head Physician Wang knew that Lan Ziyu wanted to use his daughter as an hostage to silence him. He had to bear the consequences of knowing such secrets. He sighed. “This subordinate shall obey.”

“Get out. Three days later, I want to see her here…” Lan Ziyu said coldly before adding, “As long as you do what you should do, your daughter will be granted a good marriage. If not… the harem can still accommodate another idler.”

“T-this subordinate will do my utmost. I swear my undying loyalty!” His heart throbbed. Since he knew the Emperor harbored affection for his little sister, how could he be willing for his daughter to be part of the harem. Even without such knowledge, he already didn’t want his daughter to enter the palace. His whole life was centered in the palace taking care of the nobility and people in the harem. He had seen the fate of the deceased Empress and saw countless poor girls dying of illness or what not. He knew how deep mind everyone was, so how can he let his precious daughter buried her life in this kind of hell?

After Lan Ziyu sent out Head Physician Wang, he took off his clothes and lied down next to Zhou Min. He pulled her into his embrace. He had no fear of gossips. If he said a word, someone would die. If he said two, two would die. If all the gossipers could die, wouldn’t that be good?

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