Chapter 24

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His scorching gaze swept the places they were connected. He exclaimed, “Imperial Sister, look. Your small cave is so hungry! You eat me with so much relish… Urgh… What a bad liar you are… Your little mouth below loves my meat stick so much. Look! How happy it is to be pound in. It’s drooling so much love juice…” His hands groped her breasts and squeezed them into different shapes. He stirred her to sing in pleasure and reluctance.

His hoarse shouts and her sweet mewls echoed harmoniously. His sweats dripped down on her reddish body. Together, they turned the room into a place of debauchery. There was no inch inside this room that had not hosted their obscene lovemaking.

“Ah~ Ah~ No… I-imperial Brother… Ah~” At first, she begged for mercy, but as he exercised her, the countless orgasms had drained her to the point she only had the energy to moan. However, his lust couldn’t be extinguished. He stubbornly resisted the urge of ejaculating, wanting to prolong his pleasure.

Her brain has long turned into mush and the overwhelming pleasure had left her weak and numb. Her eyes were hazy and unfocused, giving her a tempting charm.

Her poor lower parts had been ravaged by Lan Ziyu to a pitiful state. Her insides and outside were swollen and completely red. Yet, he continued to plunder her with no mercy. Her body reacted despite herself and lubricated her flower hole to accommodate his glistening iron rod. The more obscene she was, the more excited he was.

My God! When will he be done?! The question suddenly popped inside her mind. Will every male protagonist’s stamina be this terrifying? This was simply asking her to die! She didn’t want to be fucked to death…

She let out another unrepressed moan. Outside, the sun had risen to its peak. However, the passion in the bedroom didn’t die down and no one dares to interrupt the Emperor’s joyful time.

At one point, Zhou Min had fainted. Unfortunately, her unconsciousness didn’t calm his ardor. He was like an unleashed beast as he continued to fuck her, sliding in and out of her with the same energy.

“Imperial Sister~ Imperial Sister~ What should I do? I can’t stop myself… It’s so good inside of you… Uh~ I want to stop, but I can’t… Oh, God!… Little demoness… You must be my gift sent by the Heavens… Now that I taste you, the other women in this world paled in comparison… Even if I died inside of you, it is worth it~ Uhh~ You are mine, only mine! No one can take you away! Right…” While he slammed into her defenseless body, he contemplated a problem. From inside the room, the sound of flesh slapping together echoed continuously.

When she woke up, she had no idea how much time has passed.

She moved a bit but was shocked to find his penis was still inside of her. As she squirmed, he opened his eyes… And his penis hardened again…

As if he flipped a switch, her body heated up. He didn’t give her time to react and started to piston into her.


Copulating like that day and night, be it awakened or asleep, her body couldn’t stand it. As a result, she broke into a high fever for several days. It only then did he reluctantly let her rest.

At that moment, Zhou Min was left with only one breath, wandering at the edge of life and death. He was with her a whole ten days. Ten days!! Ten days of being hump like rabbits. Of course, during those ten days, Lan Ziyu didn’t attend to his duty at the court. He also never left her bedroom. His meals were prepared by his dark guards and delivered in front of the door. Without his consent, no one was allowed to approach Zhou Min’s palace a single step or off with their head!

During those ten days, he had vented countless times into her body, but no matter how many times he did it, he was tireless and raring to go. Every time he entered her, his member always grew bigger and became more energetic. Even when he laid next to her, his terrifying dragon would be stuffed inside of her. He would sleep like that and when he woke up, he would fuck her again. This kind of life made him realized that it was alright if one day he died while in a coitus with her.

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