Chapter 23

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Lan Ziyu’s situation wasn’t not much better. As much it was painful for Zhou Min, it was the same for him. This could be seen from the budging veins pulsing on his forehead. His hands were holding Zhou Min’s waist firmly, stopping her from struggling and making the experience more painful for them.

Despite shutting his eyes tightly in suffering, his voice remained warm and gentle. “How do you feel? Imperial Sister, since you agree to be with me, it’s a matter of course that we become one together… I can no longer let you go. You are destined to be my woman! Even if you hate me, I don’t care. Hehehe!” He suddenly laughed, but the faint smile on his face was filled with sorrow and derision. Her heart tinged in pain. She moved a bit.

Although her movement was small, it slightly pulled away from Lan Ziyu. She suddenly realized it was a bad move. She immediately looked at him in panic. He didn’t disappoint her. It was a matter of course that loosening that crushing force on his member had unleashed the carnal beast in him. Once again, he attacked her with ferocity and madness.

Reasons could not reel his desire as he let out a hoarse roar. He pulled out his burning penis and started to piston her like a machine. Then, when the pain was no longer there, he recalled his bed skills and curled his urge to enjoy the pleasure of sex alone. He calmed down and lowered the power of his thrust, contenting himself with quick thrusts to heighten Zhou Min’s pleasure and let her get used to the sheer size of his endowment.

Every time he penetrated deep into her wet hole, he felt as if there were thousands of tiny mouths pleasuring every inch of his meat rod. Despite her vagina getting wider, it was still tight, and its inside snuggly wrapped around his gland as if kissing him. The numbing sensation made him unable to stop his hips.

“Ah~!” She shouted, following the tempo of his thrusting. She surrendered herself as his hot rod rubbed against her inside, stimulating her senses. She could feel a numbing hotness rising from within.

Her insides who had experienced orgasm earlier was still convulsing, adhering tightly to Lan Ziyu’s penis. The sensation was heaven, increasing his lust.

“Oh~” Her tightness was almost crushing painfully his hardened member, but at the same time, the rubbing against her soft insides gave him great pleasures. He groaned in delight. His body covered in beads of sweats, dripping along his body.

“Baby, relax a bit… You’re too tight… You’re going to break Big Brother’s life root… Uhh~ So good…” he rasped as his expression frowned, unsure if he felt painful or good. His whole body was taut, making his muscles bulged. He groaned and moaned. He wanted to release inside her. His lower body rammed into her continuously. Her legs were widely spread apart, giving him complete access to hump her easily. His actions became more urgent and rough the more he plowed her.

It was not enough. He wanted to release, but the buildup thrill was far from enough. He used more force to penetrate her deeper and deeper, causing her body to move up at each impact. Every time, he will drag her back closer to him. In, out, in, out, and repeat. He finally held her in place, seamlessly combining with her below. His penis continued to grind her insides without ever leaving as his peak of joy neared. Then, he orgasmed, releasing everything insides. Upon his climax, he felt refresh and his mind clearer. Zhou Min felt his desire flowed into her, splurting in a saccade.

He stayed inside of her, leaving no place between them. He wanted to continue enjoying their coitus, wishing to melt inside of her. The thought made his lust for her again and his meat rod didn’t deflate at all. It remained in attention and full of ardent desire.

When she discovered the foreign object in her was still hard and heating her inside, her vagina automatically secreted more love juice. It caused the place where they are connected to burn with passion.

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