Chapter 22

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Ngh…” She responded with passion to his kiss, intertwining her tongue with his. To enhance her pleasure, she rubbed her tempting body against him.

“Ngh~ Brother… Brother~”

Zhou Min felt her the insides of her vagina contracting and pulsing. It made her aware of how much she craved to be filled. She was like a ball of fire, consumed by the heat of lust. The excitement left her breathless, but she couldn’t withhold her sweet moans from rolling off her tongue.

He firmly held her soft breast, rolling her stiff nipples between his fingers. Due to her heightened sensitivity, her pink bud became even more hard, blooming seductively in his hands.

His warm tongue gently licked Zhou Min’s earlobe before going down to engulfed her cherry buds. He twirled them around his tongue, sucking on them at times. He didn’t stay there long. His tongue ascended her mount, back to her ear, tracing the outer ear before drilling into her earhole.

Mmm… Don’t… want…” She felt as if his every touch electrified her, numbing her and rendering her weak. It itched, but she felt so good.

“So, do you want it or not?” He watched her confused reaction and couldn’t help chuckled with his husky voice.

He teased her sensitive points until her body was burning feverishly from lust, giving her fair skin a tinge of red blush.

She closed her eyes slightly and let out unrepressed moans. She writhed her body in pleasure, sticking herself to his body, enticing him further.

He narrowed his eyes and continued to massage her soft breasts. Then, he teased once again her nipples causing them to take a deeper red color. He lapped them, twirled his tongue around, making it more swollen and sweetly painful. She bloomed beautifully from his foreplay.

She jolted and trembled from pleasure, but Lan Ziyu no longer let her ascend to her climax easily. He teased her to the verge of exultation before leaving her hanging, gently stimulating her instead. He continuously fanned her desire.

“Ah! Not like this…” Zhou Min protested and used her hands to push his shoulders.

Her slight resistance provoked his displeasure. Although it wasn’t as intense as his anger earlier, he still bit on her nipple in warning.

“Ah~!” She jolted and let out a cried of pain and surprise. She felt wrong but didn’t dare to make any move that could be interpreted as resisting him in the case, she sends him spiraling down the dark road of turning into a yandere!

After he noticed she was obedient again, he became pleased and no longer make it painful for her. Instead, he sucked the bitten nipple to ease the pain and stirred her lust. He nibbled, twirled and rubbed her cherry buds with his tongue while kneading her breasts. His fingers and his tongue played her rhythmically, sending waves of tactile pleasure to her brain.

Then, he took one of her hand and slowly moved it down until it touched his erection. When her soft hand wrapped around his penis, the pleasure caused him to momentarily blanked. His instinct overtook him and spurred her to rub his meat stick up and down. The faster she did, the greater the carnal feeling was.

When she felt the burning penis swelling in her hand, her only thought was to let it go, but Lan Ziyu had firmly shackled her hand against his scorching desire. She was forced to continue pleasuring him, stroking it up and down. It swelled again. She could feel the uncontrollable twitching of his penis in her palm. She could hardly conceive how such a huge thing went inside her last time.

As he received a handjob from her, he reciprocated by directly inserting one of his fingers in her flower hole and didn’t hesitate to rub her sensitive spot. He felt how she trembled and felt good under his hand. He loved it, and his lust grew.

His hand was big and could cover her whole genitalia. He used the callus on his hand to rub her tender and sensitive parts.

Resistance was futile. Zhou Min surrendered and mewled hotly. However, her voice was drowned in his kisses. She felt as if she has been wrapped into a fireball. Forgoing shame, she offered to Lan Ziyu without restraint the sight of her beautiful self tainted by carnal desires.

They parted lips, but he licked her lower lip with reluctance. Suddenly, he stopped, taking a moment to imprint the wondrous image of his beautiful sister. Her refined face was so flushed it felt as if he could squeeze out blood from a little pinch, and her eyes were reddened from tearing. In addition, her body was glossy, glistening from all the efforts he made to love her. His eyes revealed a gentle expression.

He stared at her confused face and couldn’t resist biting on her earlobe. His tongue wickedly licked her ear before whispering slyly, “Lan Min, I want to penetrate into your tight little hole like crazy…”

Something exploded in her mind. His words snapped her out of her dazed state. She widened her eyes, staring at the man pressing her down with unbelievable eyes. She felt her body heated because of his words.

‘484! Y-you come out! T-this guy seemed a bit abnormal!’

Unfortunately, no matter how many times she yelled in her head, 484 didn’t respond. When she saw the burning desire in Lan Ziyu’s eyes, she only wanted to run away. Her fearful state of mine was caught by his keen eyes. His gaze became overcast. “Imperial Sister, we will be together in this hell forever… never to be part…”

He didn’t leave her the time to respond, not wanting to hear any words of rejection. He pressed her down unceremoniously and plundered her lips.

“Uhh~ Mmmm~” She struggled, wanting to avoid his crazy kisses, but this one excited him further. It was time. He grabbed her hands and clamped them down. Then, he took her pillow and used it to support her butt. He grabbed his huge and hard penis and ground it against her vagina. “Imperial Sister, don’t even think about escaping. I will imprison you if I have to.”

She wanted to roll eyes and ridiculed him when she heard him tyrannically swear. She really wanted to get out of here. Unfortunately, he was the almighty male lead. If she actually ran away, her next mission would be in a reverse harem world according to that super shameless 484. No way! Absolutely no way! She was deeply against harem, especially when she was the target object.

She stared at him with the intention to convey to him that even if he has a threatening penis, she was resolute in staying with him without shame. From her angle, she could still see the elation appearing in his eyes, even his meat rod swelled more in response. The color darkened, and it twitched relentlessly.

He made a move. He aimed at her little hole surrounded by pink flesh. A beautiful landscape to behold. It glistened, wetting any male’s appetite. He looked at their contrast – his giant penis pushing against her tight vagina. Zhou Min gasped, narrowly swallowing her saliva. She wiggled her butt, fear made her wanted to retreat. Of course, Lan Ziyu didn’t let her. He let go of her hands and grabbed her waist, firmly holding her into place. Then, he straightened his back. He pushed his hips with force as if he wanted to nail her with his penis.

Zhou Min screamed at the rough penetration, feeling as if a sword ripped her inside. He was fierce and rough, showing her no mercy. She yelled out. Her body completely tensed. She didn’t expect the pain. Her flower hole was too small for his meat rod.

“Urgh…” Tears trickled down from her eyes. She twisted around, urging him for relief from his abuse. “Let go. Get out… It’s too big!”

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