Chapter 21

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His tall stature towered over Zhou Min, casting a shadow on her face.

As his black and golden robe slid down, the yellowish candlelight cast a glow on his well-sculpted muscles. He was oozing of sexiness and masculinity.

“Min’er, can call me husband?” His mouth curled into a devilish grin. “My Min’er, you are my wife…”

Tied to the bedhead, her fair body, resting amongst her scattered clothes, was a deadly temptation and full of obscenity. He stood near the bedhead. His eyes fixed on her, bewitched by the enchanting sight. Slowly, Zhou Min opened her mouth and said, “H-husband…”

He was beaming with joy. He leaned over, slowly covering her. She let out a groan. “You’re heavy.”

His gaze was gentle. He lowered his face until their noses touched. Her fragrance filled him. Then, he coaxed her in a deep voice, “Open your mouth.”

“Hmm.” She let out a sweet voice before opening her little mouth.

“How obedient.” He chuckled and pried into her mouth. Once again, he explored the inside with his agile tongue. However, the movements appeared less urgent than earlier. The deep kiss was gentler and slow. He sucked on her tongue, taking his time to taste her delicious saliva. Then, he teased her, chasing around her tongue, stirring her until she was breathless. When he was satisfied, he let her go.

She panted. Her lips were kissed until they were red and swollen. She felt feverish from his actions, causing her face to be flushed. Her beautiful eyes glanced at him furtively, ashamed and shy.

“Min’er. Min’er~ Say you are mine…” He whispered. Although their lips had parted, his forehead was touching her forehead, and he gazed into her big and clear eyes for a very long time with burning eyes.

“Min’er, say you are mine!” His rough fingers stroked her face as he stared at her. His stare darkened as time goes.

Her eyelashes fluttered as she blinked lightly. His heated gaze scalded her. She could feel her heart drummed quicker. She stretched out her tongue and licked her dried lips.

“Imperial Brother, I am yours since the moment I was born! I was always yours…” Her gentle voice became coquettish the more she spoke. She blushed unconsciously but never did she forget about her mission. She couldn’t allow the male lead to go down the road of yandere. It was a road of disasters for her. Therefore, to avoid such thing to occur, she resigned herself to let him do whatever he wants.

Her passionate confession and willing appearance stirred Lan Ziyu. He couldn’t help swallowing his saliva and his fiery desire below became rigid. He lowly growled with lust.

“Lan Min, I want you.”

He wanted her right now, no, immediately!

His lips combined once again with hers. Their tongues intertwined as they explored each other – tasting the sweetness and sucking on it.

“Uhh…” She opened her mouth to give better access, letting him sucked on her soft tongue to his content. Their intense french kisses left her breathless. She gasped in search of air, forgetting to swallow her saliva. A trail of glistering fluid flowed out from the corner of her mouth. She was dumbfounded. You made me say those words as if I was agreeing to it.

The passion burned them. They exchanged feverish kisses, barely leaving them time to gasp for a breath. Occasionally, the room was punctuated by groans and moans.

Regardless of many times they kissed, it was no longer enough to satisfy Lan Ziyu. He reached for Zhou Min’s waist and kneeled in between her legs. His harden length rubbed against her soft thigh as he used his knee to separate her legs. His powerful hands knead her softness as he pulled her closer to his body.

They continued to deepen their kisses. She arched her back, sticking her perky mountains to his chest. The soft pressure tingled his skin. He reached for her breasts and squeezed them, forcing her to mewl sweetly.

Their bared upper bodies were tightly glued to each other. Their clothes had long faded away. Her tingling nipples were rubbing against his firm skin in jubilance, seeking for more pleasure as she speeded her undulating body.

He couldn’t stop himself from squeezing her silky breasts more. Then, he massaged and kneaded them. He deliberately rubbed his callus on her stiffened peaks to fan her desire even more.

“Ah~!” A lovely moan escaped her mouth. Her eyes became misty. She focused completely on the pleasure he gave her breast. Her lower parts overflowed with more love juice. The emptiness inside her felt more pressing. She wanted him to plunder her roughly and filled her emptiness.

“Brother~ Imperial Brother… It’s itching… I can’t stand it~” She nibbled her cherry lips and looked at him aggrieved. She noticed how scalding his skin was and her heart hopped strongly underneath his strong hand.

She beseeched to him with her glistening eyes and called him in an enchanting manner.

Her voice and her look… Her whole being was his strongest aphrodisiac. He licked her lips. He chuckled at her soft appeal. “It itches? Where does it itch? Tell Big Brother! I will help you.”

“Hmmm….” Zhou Min frowned. She bit her lips. “You know where. You obviously know it.”

“Is it here?” Lan Ziyu showed a devilish smile as he touched the hot skin around her vagina. “Or here?”

“Ah~!” She felt her hole producing even more fluids. The empty sensation was harder to endure. “Give it to me. Big Brother, give it to me… I want you~!”

Her sincere pleading made him chuckled in satisfaction. He used his fingers to prod into her wet flower while massaging her breasts harder and harder. Then, he used his thumb to rub her clitoris. He attacked her simultaneously inside and outside.

“Sure, I am giving it to you. I can give you whatever you want…” he whispered, sounding like a devil from hell.

Zhou Min wanted to roll eyes at him. Her hands were still tied and she was at his mercy. “Big Brother, untie me. My hands hurt~”

He raised his head and saw the wrists were swollen and bruised. This distressed him. Since Zhou Min no longer resist him, he freed her hands.

She took the initiative to excite him, throwing herself into the fire of lust. It caused his passion to run out of control.

He lost the advantage in a split of a second. As a monarch, control was something he must always have, a habit that was firmly root into him. Therefore, losing control even for an instant was unacceptable. He wrung back the control from Zhou Min.

“Unn~” She moaned and surrendered as his fingers teased her. Her legs spread wider to give him a deeper access to her secret garden. She stopped grabbing onto his arms. She curled her body and leaned into his chest. She craved for the comfort of his fingers.

Her sweet pleading and twitching made him chuckle again. His hand complied to her begging. He continued to watch in fascination her bouncy breasts changing shaped under his kneading. He could the satiny sensation of her moist skin and the hardened nipples in between his fingers as he groped them. His thumb frequently rubbed against the stiffened peak, increasing her pleasure. He applied enough force in the rub and as he continued, the dark nipples turned bright red.

“Oh~” She bit her lips in an attempt to stop herself from moaning.

“Min’er, you are so beautiful… and so soft…” He fondled her jade peaks with obsession while fingering her below.

“Big Brother… N-no… Don’t… don’t be like that…” She felt a hot sensation welling inside of her.

“Oh~ Oh~ Ahh~” She suddenly jolted and screamed out as she climaxed.

She covered her mouth and only muffled sounds came out, but it was still enticing for Lan Ziyu. He pried her hand away and entangled once again with her tongue, exchanging sloppy kisses.

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