Chapter 18

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Lan Min was the only woman left with the same blood coursing through her veins as him. It seemed as if this was preordained which only made him happier but also incomparably sad. Wasn’t it what he wants? She was his in every sense of the word.

Lan Ziyu gently brushed her face which was modified by the no-good system into showing a “sad and crying expression that will always stay beautiful.” Zhou Min had to put the point on the tab to exchange that mask. She had yet to complete her mission, but her debt was ever growing. So depressing!

She felt his big hand lingering on her face. The sensation was so hot she thought her face would melt. More than that, the sensation spread through her body, making her feel numb and a certain part down there was getting wet. After knowing the pleasure of sex, if Zhou Min couldn’t realize she was getting aroused, she should be beaten to death.

Besides her, there was no other woman who could get aroused from having their face stroke. How did her body become so lascivious? Then, she came to a realization and had the urge to bite that unreliable system. Didn’t it know that too far is as bad as not enough? With that kind of easily aroused body, how could she pretend to be a white lotus? Her lust was warping her cognition she was like a woman who craved for a man for more than a dozen years.

/(ㄒoㄒ)/ She really wanted to cry. (╯﹏╰) This is too hard to endure.

Lan Ziyu was completely obvious to Zhou Min’s plight. His gaze was stuck on her exquisite body looming underneath her silky white nightgown. He devoured with his eyes the outline of her perky and firm buttocks, looking up to her waist, where a fiery red belt decorated with tassels hugged it. Each fringe of the tassels hung at her hips. The neatly sewed decorations were like water snakes curling around her.

The contrast of red and white clashed, shocking his eyes. He veered away, zooming onto her chest. Due to the red belt tightly binding her abdomen, her plump breasts seemed to be pushed out, looking more round and tempting than ever. The gorge in between was even more attracting, seemingly to suck him into its bottomless pit.

The temptation was hard to resist. Like the wings of a butterfly, the lapel of her clothes flapped, following the undulating of her chest. Each breath gave his voracious eyes the sweet glimpse of her creamy skin and much more. If he looked carefully, he could still see the faint marks he had left half a month ago. The stimulation was too great.

He parted her white skirt, taking in the finger-shaped bruises marring her slender legs, vestiges of their last love-making. That night, he loved her crudely and handled her roughly. His restraints were thrown out of the window. He could see how crazy he was from the marks left.

His hand wiped off the tears staining her face and brushed her hair behind her ears. Then, he let his fingers passed through her hair, taking his time stroking her head. His actions were very careful as if he was afraid to wake her up. Each of his gestures was an act of cherishing. He brushed her hair in adoration from its roots to its tips.

He continued to caress her like she was an obedient kitten, and she continued to hold him using all her strength. She looked so appeased holding his waist. Her mouth was curled into a sweet smile. She shrunk her shoulders and made an eased expression. “Big Brother…” She muttered.

He stiffened. Next, his hand slowly left her head to rest on her arm. He continued to caress her, slowing moving down to her bent elbow.

The hot temperature of his hand passed through her clothes. His movements never ceased, sometimes accidentally touching her soft breast and brushing against that harden cherry.

He was slightly distracted and the look in his eyes deepened. His hand paused a bit before moving on to her shoulder. His fingers gently touched her, then they trailed farther, touching her satiny skin.

“Min’er. My Min’er. Do you wish to accompany me through this hell?” His eyes became hazy.

His fingers slid on her neck, tickling her. Zhou Min shrunk back from the sensation. She tried to escape from that annoying itching.

His wide palm reached her cheek. With unmatched gentleness, he touched her. His heated palm caused her face to burn.

She pretended to be dreaming of something and cutely raised her face to rub against his hand, even letting out a whimper. Inwardly, she was cursing at her shameful act, wishing to die. Why can’t that man quickly get on with it? I’ve been faking sleep since earlier!

484 assessed her method. It ridiculed her. You still want to pretend to sleep? It hid a cold smile. Could it be that woman doesn’t know how terrible a man was when the ban of a forced half-month abstinence is lifted? It was even more dangerous if the person in front of him was his object of devotion.

My host’s IQ is too worrying. What can I do? Should I prepare some sore medicine?

Lan Ziyu’s callous hand separated itself from the smooth sensation of her face. He observed her. She was still sleeping soundly. His mouth twitched a bit. Slowly, he bent his upper body and approached his face toward her.

When he was at breathing distance, he stared at her slightly parted red lips and the slight blush creeping on her white neck. She was like a rose blooming – beautiful and enticing.

He printed his cold lips gently on hers. A quick peck, following by hot fingers tracing her lips. Then, it turned into a gentle rub. It persisted until the fingers probed into her mouth, coiling around her tongue.

He heaved heavily as his index continued to stir Zhou Min. His gaze was fixed onto her delicate and innocent sleeping face.

He felt his throat dried and his nose heated as her floral scent became more concentrated.

It was the same scent as that night! “Lan Min… stayed with Big Brother in this hell!” His gloomy voice was filled with a feverish zealotry. As if to seal his vow, his burning lips plundered hers. Rough and dirty, he kissed her while tightly holding the back of her head in support. Their tongues entangled into a wet mess. He crazily tasted her delicious little tongue.

Feeling the invasion of a foreign object, Zhou Min realized what was happening, but she couldn’t suddenly wake up and stopped him. She had no choice but to feign sleep a bit longer, then she pretended to wake up – slowly opening her eyes. Her eyes gradually became focused and saw the close up of a familiar face.


She let out a confused muffled voice. As soon as she opened her mouth, she unexpectedly felt his tongue probed further and sucking on her honey-sweet saliva.

Lan Ziyu enjoyed the taste of her mouth and noticed she had stiffened from shock. He continued to tightly hold her head, stopping her from escaping. His brain quickly recalled the craziness and pleasure of that night in addition to the stimulating sight she revealed during her sleep.

No matter what Min’er did, everything was arousing.

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