Chapter 16

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“Bastard! Big Brother, you, villain! You, damn bastard! Why didn’t you come to clarify? Do you know how painful it was for me all those years of being ignored? Imperial Father had passed away; Mother Queen also died, and we suddenly became estranged. I had no idea what I did wrong.” Despite having her hands restrained above her by Lan Ziyu, she turned her head to the side and softly whispered her grievances. Although it sounded like it was criticizing her brother, she was, in fact, mocking her foolish self.

“Later, I found Mother Queen’s secret letters and learned of her schemes – her involvement in Imperial Father’s assassination and how she planned to kill us. What was once beautiful had suddenly shattered like broken illusions. At that time, I want to meet you, but you no longer hold any love for me and no longer need a crybaby and spoiled little sister around. After thinking, I believe that such a disgusting matter shouldn’t be disclosed. There was no need to let my happy and blessed big brother knows of it.”

From the corner of her eyes, she could see his shocked expression. She coldly scoffed, “Therefore, I became more and more taciturn and quiet, detaching myself from you. All of this is because you were the first one who chose to let go of me.”

Lan Ziyu suddenly released her hands. He stepped back while looking at Zhou Min with incredulity. Slowly, Zhou Min leaned on the door and slid to the floor. Her head drooped. “But my worries superseded those convictions, and I kept paying attention to everything relates to you despite being convinced that your days will continue to pass by smoothly. Then, that night… I saw your unstable gait and hurried steps, dashing to that side palace. My anxiety rose, so I decided to follow you. Yet, y-you…”

When she raised her head to look at him, her expression was complicated – a tangled mess of sadness and contradictions. In the end, her last words failed to be voiced.

At that moment, Lan Ziyu was greatly shocked. He thought she was the one who abandoned him first. He thought that he had concealed well those secrets he didn’t want her to know, but she knew everything. It was beyond him and for a moment, he couldn’t accept the reality of her confession.

He turned to face the window in panic and jumped out, wanting to escape this situation. In his panic, he forgot that he was in his bedchamber and had no need to exit through the window. Despite the chaotic thoughts overtaking his brain, he still remembered to instruct his shadow guards to send the princess back to her palace hall.

Then, he ran all the way to the highest observation tower of Mist Empire. He took in the refreshing night breeze that was gently blowing, clearing his mind and calming his heart from the turmoil of thoughts and emotions.

“Qing Ge!” His voice regained its usual cold and calm. “Did you hear everything earlier?”

“Yes, Your Majesty!” Qing Ge’s emotionless was heard behind him.

Lan Ziyu turned to the source of the voice, “Then, you should know what to do?”

“Yes, I know!”

Lan Ziyu nodded. The origin of their misunderstanding stemmed from that person who told him that the shadow who escaped at that time was Lan Min. Although he did have some doubts, in the end, he became convinced when Lan Min started to avoid him. Later, he treated her even more coldly when that person told him that Lan Min dreads and fears him. However, today, what Lan Min told him surprised him.

That person lied to him! He had no doubt about his sister’s words because when he observed her expression earlier, her eyes were clear and pure as when she was young. Therefore, when she questioned him, he couldn’t stand it and had to run away. More than the shock, it was the hurt in her; He cared too much for her to withstand her accusations.

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