Chapter 13

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“Say, why it has to be her? Why?” His indolent and devilish baritone faintly echoed through the room. It was a mumbling as audible as a mosquito, but each word cut the heartstrings of the beauties in the room. They felt as if a dagger was inserted into their throats, making them shudder from fear and doubts. Who is his Majesty speaking of?

“Oh?” Because it was nighttime, the man didn’t tie up his hair, letting them cascaded down his back and his shoulders, giving him an unruly appearance.

He threw back his head and gulped down the wine. Then, he violently smashed the cup on the floor. “Roll out of here! Bunch of trashes!”

Following his bellow, the flirty women on the carpet took to their heels, escaping in the blink of an eye like scared animals because they all knew that despite being a heroic sovereign who had brought prosperity to his nation through his might and his iron ruling, his personality was his greatest setback.

He was tyrannic to the point of being despotic. Whatever he fancied, he would get it. A no-nonsense man who was merciless depending on his mercurial mood. He could cherish something then scoff at it the next instant. He was arrogant and had absolute self-confidence. For all matters within the Mist Empire, the decisions he took would never be one that would put him at disadvantage.

However, recently, he felt he was on the verge of madness. Ever since the happenings in Clear Jade Hall, he couldn’t experience the same exhilarating feeling he had when he was screwing his sister. No other women could make him lose himself in such depraved lovemaking like his sister.

Now, here he was, 15 days later after that fateful night. It has been 15 days already! He thought that woman would come to find him after waking up since she would know he was the one who ordered people to send her back to her bedroom.

However, half a month went by without seeing as much as her shadow. He even hinted not very subtly to a certain someone through his servants of his desire, but it was like talking to a sinking rock at the bottom of the ocean – no progress at all!

“Qing Ge!” His husky and indolent voice resounded. A masked man jumped down from the ceiling at his call. He quickly revealed his presence to Lan Ziyu and kneeled on one knee. His voice devoid of emotions resounded like a whisper, “Your Majesty!”

“Where and what is she doing now?” Lan Ziyu lied down on his bed, twirling his long hair cascading to his chest. He appeared uninterested at the answer. However, Qing Ge’s tone remained serious and he wasn’t the least bit careless in answering as he knew the importance Lan Ziyu held for the answer since the question was asked numerous times in the past 15 days.

“The same as before.” A succinct answer showed the efficient way he was trained to speak. Qing Ge has been Lan Ziyu’s number one dark guard ever since the latter was young. He was a man of few words and incredibly proficient with his work; only that kind of man deserved to stay at Lan Ziyu’s side.

“The same as before?!” Lan Ziyu couldn’t help but sneer. He has heard such words countless of time which flamed his anger further. “How free and unfettered she is!”

He remembered how everything was all good after he fucked up without restraint until she could not get out of bed. He even specifically ordered Qing Ge to deliver some medicine for sore muscles to her. Each time Qing Ge return from his delivery, the report he gave Lan Ziyu made the latter laughed. According to his dark guard, the princess’ expression was greatly twisted. It was quite hard to describe. Hearing that, Lan Ziyu could imagine how wonderful Zhou Min’s expression was.

Hence, he sent people to summon her every day, but she always found a reason to decline, refusing to see him. He understood her feelings. However, understanding is only understanding; it didn’t mean he agreed for this status quo to continue.

Since she stirred his interest, he would get her regardless of her identity.

His black eyes scanned Qing Ge. “Tell her that if she refused to attend tomorrow’s banquet, we will personally go find her. At that time, she better prepared herself for whatever might come! She best behaves herself.” The words were laden with the overbearingness of a sovereign.

When Qing Ge sneaked back in secret into Zhou Min’s bedroom, Zhou Min and 484 were heatedly debating on her “conquest” strategies as the system navigator felt she was too passive and idled the past weeks, even completely refusing to meet the male lead. However, Zhou Min was dead bent on refusing to do any further as she was thoroughly scared by how Lan Ziyu tossed her in bed.

Hence, no matter how many times 484 urged her, she used the pretense of distancing oneself in order to capture his heart. However, if she knew that deadweight Qing Ge gives a daily report of her activities to Lan Ziyu, she would have smashed her head onto the floor.

At first, after that heated night, she was fearful that Lan Ziyu might come to kill her after learning he had an incestuous affair with his sister, but then, she realized that she had mysteriously teleported into her bedroom. She immediately knew it must have been done under Lan Ziyu’s order. In other words, he already knew about their affairs. Her fear increased as she waited for a decree to drag her to the execution ground where her body would be split in five by running horses, but what awaited her was medical plasters for sore muscles and beautiful garments.

She thought he was using those things to bribe her and shut her mouth from spreading rumors, but Qing Ge did a good job transmitting Lan Ziyu’s not very subtle hints to her every day which she made her feel she ate shit.

Don’t tell me this country is very open to incest? Is that why Lan Ziyu didn’t have any adverse reaction after sleeping with his sister? Should I feel happy?! Why? Why? Why did it turn out like this? (⊙_⊙)

Zhou Min knew that she could hide once, but she couldn’t hide forever otherwise the consequences would be terrible. Yet, she refused to deal with this matter as long as possible. (._.)

After spying on Zhou Min, Qing Ge returned to report back to Lan Ziyu. The latter couldn’t help smiling after hearing the report. He waved to dismiss his dark guard, then looked down at his the tent between his legs. He closed his eyes and recalled the memory of that night in Clear Jade Hall where he held Zhou Min like a madman. Unable to endure the lust, he plunged his hand in his pants and grabbed his penis. His mind was now filled with Zhou Min’s alluring appearance, her virginal reactions and her tight vagina.

He began to masturbate. His stroking movements increased in speed with time until, finally, he let out a husky groan at the same time his semen spurted out. His patience was reaching its limit as he looked at the sticky white fluid on his hand. Fifteen days of abstinence… Although that hateful girl decided to selectively forget about their affairs, his body couldn’t forget about her. He had to concede that his reason couldn’t win over his desire.

Anyway, he was keeping tabs of the interests, and when the time comes, he would make her pay back all the time she has made him wait. He couldn’t help laughing arrogantly, anticipating that moment. “Imperial sister, let see until when you can hide from me.”

The next day, Lan Ziyu was incredibly excited as the long-awaited banquet was tonight and the real main guest of this banquet was his sister, Lan Min. Night came fast. The banquet venue was illuminated by a multitude of lights, bustling with cheers, dances and songs. Everything was ready to welcome the envoys from the neighbor country, and also showcasing the might and prosperity of the Mist Empire.

Within that atmosphere of intoxication and decadence, Lan Ziyu was dressed in his black dragon robe and wore a purple crown which held his combed black hair. His eyes were slightly squinted as he held in one hand a cup of wine. He was leaning back lazily on his throne, arrogant and aloof, towering above the mass. His expression was stretched into a cold smile.

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