Chapter 12

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Hmph! This stinky and shameless system! Itlet the male lead mercilessly fuck her, more like toying with her body. Was it fun to mislead her?! There was no warning until everything was done, but it was too late, she had become the male lead’s antidote!

“That… Host, rest assured. Even if the male lead does you for three days and three nights, he can still be vigorous as a dragon and remains strong like a tiger.” 484’s retarded voice resounded in the consciousness.

“Why?” Zhou Min wanted to slap her big mouth. Would knowing help her?

“Because he is the male lead, duh! In any story, the male lead is the most formidable person, fated to be the supreme being of his world. Besides, I gave you a free skill – a super recovery ability~ Even if you were having sex all night every night with the untiring male lead, not only won’t you get tired, you can even fight on par with him and have a marathon of sex. In addition, the more you get watered by his semen, your body will reinforce, transforming from the absorption of his essence until you reached perfection. You get double benefits from doing him with no draw back~!” 484’s salesman pitch went on. It was full of enticement, but Zhou Min didn’t buy into its speech.

“Since it’s so good like you said, why didn’t you tell me beforehand? Are you sure this recovery skill is working because every time I moved, it’s frigging painful! Ouch!”

“T-this… Isn’t it because you’re a side-character? Side-characters are often canon-fodder in most stories. Even if your mission is to capture the male lead of the female protagonist, you don’t have the protagonist’s halo. Although you received bonus skills and tools, your strength remained weak, so…”

“So, the next day the male lead is refreshed and energetic, but I’m dead tired and all drained like a dead fish, feeling sore all over my body. Is that right?!”

“T-that… It will get better the more you have sex. Your body’s stamina will increase too. Well, it’s normal you feel like that after doing so many rounds for your first time, but I believe the more you do it, the faster you will adapt yourself!” 484 immediately tried to calm down Zhou Min who was on the verge of exploding.

“Do you think having sex is like radio gymnastic – doing a ‘1, 2, 3, 4, one more time~’ set of exercises? How many more time do you want me to do it?!” Zhou Min was weird out and her tone became high-pitch as she spoke. “Wait, did I hearcorrectly? Did you just said I have to do it a few more times?”

“Didn’t I say it? To complete your mission in every story, you have to overthrow the male lead or male protagonist. To be precise, you have to execute 360 different positions in bed with the male lead, which will be compiled into statistical data for the system, and fulfill the cannon fodder’s wish. It’s simple, isn’t it? It’s just as simple as lying down. Finish your missions and gain the chance for your resurrection…” 484 cutely convinced her. It had to guide its host whose IQ was on the low side, and her memory was a bit bad which was something it wanted to complain about. She even forgot about her mission when overwhelmed by pleasure.

“I only remembered you said I have to fulfill the female side characters’ wish. You never mentioned that I must have to hump-hump with the male lead. Moreover, I still have to do 360 different sex positions.” Zhou Min felt dumbfounded. ╮(︶﹏︶”)╭ The dangerous tone she used caused 484 to shudder.

“Y-you can’t act shamelessly like this. I already said it! You were the one who didn’t listen!”

“You-” Zhou Min wanted to refute 484. (っ'ω′c) Suddenly, 484 interrupted her with a warning. “I have to remind you, Host, that in the case you refuse to roll in the sheets with the male lead, your existence will be immediately erased by the system~”

Zhou Min, who still wanted to argue with her system navigator, became stupefied. (?д?) Would she admit defeat in front of a death threat? Should she? Of course, shehad to surrender! (〒_〒)

But, this is sex we’re talking about! Sex is sex, but it’s so embarrassing. Moreover, Ihave to learn about those 360 positions?! (?д?;)

She absolutely couldn’t ask. Her insides felt as if it was being trampled by horses dashing back and forth. (>へ<。)

484 noticed the half-dead appearance of its host, but it didn’t understand why she was reacting like that. Wasn’t it just lying in bed, but instead of sleeping, they are doing exercises? What was so difficult about it that she looked like someone killed her whole family? Humans are so difficult to understand. ┐(?_?;)┌

Zhou Min was in dilemma: keeping her moral integrity or be flexible to survive? As she was entangled in her decision, days passed by.


“Eunuch Li, don’t you feel that his Majesty is very strange recently?”

“What makes you say so?”

“The Emperor has never concerned himself with the princess. However, these days, he has summoned her several times.Unexpectedly, her courage is rather big – finding all kind of excuses to decline his Majesty. In addition, the strangest thing is the Emperor forgives her! Does that mean she is on the rise?”

“Hey, what are you muttering about? They are from the same mother, not to mention the Empress Dowager has passed away. Between blood-related siblings, how can the older brother bear a grudge against his little sister?”

“I might overthink, but I feel that a strange atmosphere reigns within the harem as if a storm is brewing.”

“Alright! Alright! Stop making wild guesses. Today, the Emperor has flipped three beauties’ tablet, so you better watch yourself. After half a month, the Emperor flips harem tablets again.”

“Eunuch Li, are you certain that the Emperor wants to sleep with three beauties today?!” Σ(  ° △ °|||) Eunuch Wang asked in shock.

“How cannot it be? A few days ago, his Majesty’s complexion was dark, becoming ugly as days go by. Besides, it has been almost half a month since he last summons one of the beauties in the harem. Surprisingly, today, he showed a keen interest in bedroom matters. Although I don’t what the Emperor is planning, but this is a fantastic news for our country as this involves the continuation of the Lan’s ancestral line,” argued Eunuch Li.

“Forget it. This is a matter between the masters of the harem. We only need to do our tasks.” Eunuch Tai stated before turning back and ordered the apprentices, and he also warned them. “Hear me, we will immediately go inform those beauties to bath themselves and wait for their summons.”

Eunuch Li and Eunuch Wang promptly replied with respect.

They had no need to question Eunuch Tai because the latter had followed the Emperor since his childhood, and he doesn’t have to act like a servant in front of the Emperor.


Night time.

“Emperor, let us, concubines, serve you~” Behind the layers of curtains hid the imperial bedroom, a sumptuous room with decorations leaning toward lasciviousness. Yellowish candlelight illuminated the place, not too much, not too little. It highlighted the golden carving on the pillars, the mahogany bed and the thick scarlet cashmere carpet. Aside from the bed, there was a big square pool from which white smoke rose. It appeared that the water inside was very hot. The room was devoid of any other decorations, remaining simplistic but lavish.

From within the room, one could hear the lewd voices of women, but so far, no male voice was heard as if there was no man inside.

However, if one paid attention, in between the fluttering of cotton curtains hung around the bed, it was possible to catch a glimpse of a man draped in a dark robe with golden embroidery. He held in one hand a cold cup of wine while watching the alluring women trying to seduce him. His long and narrow almond-shaped eyes were soul-stirring, yet the coldness within made people dread. Hisnose was tall and straight, and his thin lips were curled up into a mocking smile. Hisskin was creamy, but far from being feminine. His complexion gave him a cold countenance instead. A powerful impression that obviously didn’t lack to anyone. He was majestic, showing the presence of a sovereign, a tyrannic one. He was the most supreme man in Mist Empire, the one and only Lan Ziyu.

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