Chapter 11

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In the quiet night, the wet sound of flesh slapping together echoed loudly. Regardless of Zhou Min, the gasp of breath, the groans and the moans echoed ambiguously from inside the room, which could make anyone blush when listening from outside.

Zhou Min shook her head in futile resistance each time his glans kissed the entrance of her womb. As dawn shone upon them, Lan Ziyu had explored all the nook and cranny of her vagina, leaving nothing uncharted. Their night of passion had left Zhou Min filled with his essence, turbid and sticky from head to toes, a sight screaming out of obscenity. Weak and dizzy by his toss and turn, she let herself be manipulated as he persisted extracting more pleasure from her like a beast or a pumping machine.

That was her last impression of him as her conscious sank into oblivion.

Finally, Lan Ziyu thrust into her one last time, reaching as far as he could before ejaculating for the nth-time inside of her.

He shuddered and fell on her body, but he didn’t pull out his penis. He stayed inside of her, enjoying her warm.

Now clear-minded, he laid on her for a moment, then moved to the side, supporting himself with his arm so he watched her. His expression was deep like the abyss as he observed her with attention, tracing the contour of her beautiful face.

Her thick eyelashes spread like a fan, framing her big but now closed eyes. Her nose was small, but the bridge was straight, harmonizing with her pouty mouth. She had fair skin, smooth and softto the touch. A combination of traits similar to his yet felt unfamiliar. Besides her exquisite face, she was well-endowed. Under the effect of the aphrodisiac, he lost his control, unable to resist the temptation of her wonderful body. What were his thoughts now the drug has been solved?

He got aroused again while looking at her body, his penis slightly rose inside of her. He used both his hands to prop up her face. When he lost control, he was like the incarnation of a depraved beast, but what about now when his self-control could reel back the beast in him?

“Qing Ge, bring that person out!” Apart from the siblings, there was another person inside the room. It was a woman. When she first arrived, he already noticed her, but at that time, he was zealously taking care of a certain someone and didn’t care about the newcomer. Therefore, when the woman discovered him and Zhou Min, his dark guard immediately restrained her.

His incestuous behavior left him indifferent, but it was another matter for the Mist Empire. The news couldn’t be spread to the populace. His almond-shaped eyes squinted dangerously as he looked at a dark corner where the silhouette of a bound person could be seen – Li Yangyang, the female protagonist. Her current state of mind could only be described as terrified.

Lan Ziyu looked at her and smirked.  He called out in a low voice, “Qing Ge!”

“This subordinate is here!” A gloomy male voice was heard from the darkness. Li Yangyang trembled in fear. Lying on the floor, she sobbed mournfully like raindrops on a pear blossom. “Your Majesty! Please, your Majesty! Spare me! I-I saw nothing. I-I swore I will say nothing! Iwill keep my mouth shut!”

“Only the dead will stay silent!” His words mercilessly vetoed her fate.

Li Yangyang was terrified. She had inquired around and knew that every month the Emperor would stay in this palace hall for a while. Thus the reason she slipped into this place last night. But who knew the moment she came in, she heard the moans and pants. Out of curiosity, she wondered who dare to have sex in the Emperor’s domain. Then, she had the thought of using those guilty people to help her with her schemes.

However, she discovered it was the Emperor, and his lovemaking was far from gentle, doing it like a vengeance, bruising the poor girl from head to toes. It was a tragic sight, but not much of a deterrence to that powerful man as he continued to pound that young girl which was none other than the infamous unfavored princess, his only sister from the same mother – Lan Min!

The crux of this matter was how savage she was done by him. It was simply appalling and scary. When Li Yangyang inadvertently stumbled on that imperial secret, she shrunk back and wanted to escape, refusing to be part of that huge secret. Unfortunately, to her surprise, a tall and sturdy man captured her, and no matter how much she struggled, it was all in vain. She was tiedup and threw in a corner.

As night turned to day, she heard Zhou Min’s begging, appealing to him to stop, until she simply stopped uttering anything but incoherent sounds. From her place, she couldn’t see anything, but her ears had heard everything which her imagination could fill. The Emperor gave his sister no mercy, screwing her endlessly until she was truly on the verge of dying. Only then, did he stop. However, the real horror had yet to come because as long as he was occupied with the princess, her life would be safe, but now he was done with his sister, it meant that her life was in danger!

“No, no, no! Please, your Majesty! Please, spare me. I-I can take the princess’ place a-and…” Li Yangyang did not understand what she was saying. However, when she saw the monstrous penis pulled out from Zhou Min, she was overcome by weakness, but, she was also envious of the princess, wondering what it felt like to be done by that huge thing.

Lan Ziyu sneered at the kneeling woman in front of him. She made him feel nauseous from disgust. A woman who doesn’t know good from bad! She was only a bit pretty, but she dared to say such words.

He coldly watched Li Yangyang, then he shifted back his gaze to Lan Min who laid beside him, seductive and completely oblivious. He recalled the pleasure she gave him and his penis swelled a bit more while twitching constantly.

At the sight of his hardening arousal, Li Yangyang’s lower body became wet. She clamped her thighs together, trying to hide her excitement.

Lan Ziyu watched in disgust Li Yangyang’s embarrassing appearance as she tried to hide her excitement. “Qing Ge, drag her away. As for what to do with her, you should know the answer.”

He looked back at Zhou Min, then pulled out his black dragon robe from under her. He stared at the stains of semen and sex juice, and his semi-hard penis gloriously rose again. “Give us a new one.”

Another dark guard appeared with a new set of black clothes. Li Yangyang, who was crying incessantly, was dragged away. Zhou Min still didn’t wake up despite all that noise. It proved just how exhausted she was.

Lan Ziyu changed his clothes, then, he noticed how disheveled Zhou Min was. His expression darkened and became complicated. “Clean everything and make sure to tidy loose end. We don’t want a single word to leak out. Send the princess back to her palace hall. Anyone who reveals the matter in here, we will exterminate his nine generations!”

He turned around and left after taking one last look at Zhou Min. The unconscious Zhou Min was carried back by Qing Ge, wrapped in a velvet blanket. As for Li Yangyang, she was kicked to the side, knocked out to prevent any escape. When Qing Ge was done with Zhou Min, he came back to take care of Li Yangyang.

On the next day, when Zhou Min woke up, still in a daze, the first thing she noticed was the soreness of her body. She was still exhausted from her night of passion and was sweating from the pain, especially to her lower parts. She started to curse at a certain system. “Screw you! 484, come out for me! Why having sex has something to do with the mission? Explain to me clearly or this big missus here will kill you!”

“Little Minmin, can you stop being so fiery? Too much anger will injure your liver…” 484’s bootlicking tone was heardin Zhou Min’s head.

“Injure my liver?! You’re afraid I will injure that?! My clothes were ripped, and I was gobbled whole and spat out many times! I may injure my liver from anger, but the male lead’s kidneys might be dysfunctional from too much sex!” Zhou Min bellowed. She didn’t understand why she ended up suffering such torments when she only wanted to prevent the female lead from meeting the male lead?

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