Chapter 10

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Although his reason had returned after the aphrodisiac was solved, Lan Ziyu couldn’t stop himself from screwing her. He knew he had to stop, but he didn’t want to pull away from her flower hole since every time he did, he felt a strong suction that gave him intense pleasure. It was tormenting him. He instinctively drilled into her again, fuck her, invading her deeply to ease the itch his penis felt.

“Ah~ Ah~” Zhou Min arched upward her head. She licked her cherry lips, enjoying the waves of pleasure overtaking her flower hole. Her lower body drenched in her secretions.

“Little demon…” His husky voice overflowed with lust. Despite knowing she was his little sister, didn’t he already cross the point of no return? Since he already did her once, doing her twice, thrice or many more times won’t make a difference.

His mind kept revolving around one thought – marking her; shooting, smearing and filling her with his semen.

He flipped her around and put her legs on his shoulders. He pulled out his penis only to penetrate her in one powerful thrust.

“Aah! No~”

Screaming and moaning for so long, her sweet and charming voice was now hoarse, but it remained alluring and full of temptation to the ears.

Just when Zhou Min got used to Lan Ziyu’s speed, wrestling back a bit of control, she was suddenly pushed down, pressed under him.

Lan Ziyu groaned from the pleasurable sensation her unsatiated and lusty vagina. He penetrated her deeply, but he didn’t move yet, letting her hungry hole swallowed his arousal completely. The thought of fucking her forever tempted him to no end.

Urgh….” He repressed his voice, letting out a husky moan, lost in the rapture of her tightness. It wasn’t enough. The craving for pleasure was too much, so hemoved again, indulging himself, seeking that ultimate pleasure.

He plunged in her in the same cadence as before. Their silhouette overlapped, becoming one under the dimmed moonlight. His ferocious ramming into the depth of her vagina made her love juice splashed all over them.

Hmmm… Oh~ Ah~ No… No more… Slow down… Please… Big Brother~ Brother~ I-I will die! I’m dying- Aah~!” Her sweet moans couldn’t be repressed, and she shuddered from the orgasm, her white skin becoming a captivating red.

When she climaxed, her insides fiercely squeezed his penis, and one of her skills activated. A strong suction force milked his arousal, sending him to the seventh heaven. It was with great difficulty he extracted himself from her flower hole, just to slide back in, trying to prolong her lingering orgasm, pushing her to a new height of thrills.

Uhhh~ Ah… Ah…” She flung back her head and whimpered. Her body tensed from the pleasure. She could no longer tell if she was overcome by excitement or fear.

There was one thing she was clear, her tender hole was now raw from his invasion, continuously flowing out love juice like a broken tap as he continued to pound her.

Yet, it didn’t appear her lower mouth was satisfied. It craved for his meat rod to fill her emptiness. Her insides gripped him tightly while sucking him deeper into her hot vagina, fuelling his lust. He couldn’t stop screwing her. He didn’t want to stop!

“Lan Ziyu… Lan Ziyu…” She grabbed his arms as if holding onto a life buoy.Unfortunately, her action was nothing but courting dead, sending both into a spiral of mad sex, leaving her with only the option of singing her lust.

“Succubus… I will fuck you to death…” He spoke out through grit teeth. He was going to drain her completely, wanting to fuck her until she was left with only a breath, only then, would he feel satisfied. He shoved in and out of her hole without mercy and with the determination of a general on the battlefield.

“Ah~” The pleasure had long eroded her reason, she was nothing but a mass of lust.

Her delicate body adapted itself to Lan Ziyu’s tyrannical attacks, swaying erotically at each thrust. Then, he abruptly burst into her, reaching his second orgasm.

She felt as if a hotness akin to lava poured into her, burning her from inside. She let out a shout as if she was about to combust. “Ah!… Ah!… I’m dying… dying…”

Her lovable voice echoed like a symphony, stirring him to continue to pluck more moans out of her. He showed his delighted through his diligent thrusts. Their bodies were compatible as if it was preordained by the heavens. They combined, complementing each other, becoming a whole.

Lan Ziyu’s powerful sprint of thrusts had exhausted Zhou Min, who was on the verge of breaking like a rag doll. Her body instinctively catered to unrestrained penetrations, seeking another peak of pleasure.

“Lan Ziyu… No more… I will break… I’m breaking…” She tightly gripped his muscular arms. Her little mouth continued to issue moans and screams until she abruptly stopped.

“No… No more… Ah… Aaaaah-” She reached her limit and fainted after letting a shout.

“Lan Min…” When Lan Ziyu noticed that she has fainted, he shouted her nameunconsciously. A complicated expression flit through his face as he looked at the fainted girl in his arms. Her well-developed and beautiful chest heaved laboriously up and down exhausted by the intensity of their love-making.

A teardrop pearled at the corner of her eyes, framed by long and fluttering eyelashes. His heart trembled with excitement. His poor self-control snapped. Countless times, she woke up only to faint again by the pleasure he gave her. He fully knew that this was the first time she knew the taste of a man, and he shouldn’t be so fierce with her, but it was the first time that a woman could give him such pleasure. He didn’t get tired of it and had no intention to stop screwing her. However, she was his little sister!

Perhaps he was more careful when handling her or his movements were slower, he clearly felt that her vagina sucked his arousal in with more eagerness and more strength. In an instant, he felt as if there were thousands of mouths sucking his penis.

Hmmm…” A low moan came out from him.

Although he knew his love-making would compel her to a bed rest for several days, he continued, not stopping for a second.

Regardless if she was conscious or not, he fucked her non-stop, releasing the beast in him, plowing her avidly her tight hole. As if in response to his enthusiasm, her insides became hotter.

During his mad thrusts, he raised his head, grabbed her two legs and folded her, not stopping. He rammed into her, inserted himself deeply. He was like a bull, smashing into her swollen vagina. His sweats dripped down and fell on her face. The temptation was unbearable, he stretched out his tongue and sensually licked her the sweat on her face. Her eroticism aroused him.

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