Chapter 9

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The pincer attack Lan Ziyu experienced in Zhou Min was enough to make anyone else go crazy, but it was only enough to make him relax his hold on her thighs. Without hesitation, he ruthlessly slapped her perky behind. “Loose up a bit! You almost bite off this daddy’s great tool, you, succubus!”

Lan Ziyu went mad and fiercely humped her, jabbing at that bulge as if he wanted to flatten it.

The frantic grinding on Zhou Min’s Gräfenberg spot, also known as the G-spot, had stirred her out of her unconsciousness. She abruptly opened her eyes and couldn’t help shrieking. “Aaah-!” Her love juice poured out like a stream while her flower stem shrunk from the intensity of his actions.

He was very proud of himself. He put down her legs and made her stand by herself, but she wobbled. He broke away from her and maneuver her – making her hold onto the pillar, so her buttocks stuck out, facing him. Then, he spread her legs apart. She ended up bent in a 90º. Lan Ziyu grabbed his burning meat rod, aimed at her secret garden and with no mercy, he deeply penetrated her again in one powerful hip thrust.

“Hmmm~” Her saccharine moan came out as he stormed her insides, ramming into her like he wanted to nail her to the pillar. His iron pillar was grinding her G-spot with endless energy, adding more and more strength with each stab.

“Stop. Stop it… I beg you…” Her body was at wits end from the countless orgasms she had. However, the man holding her waist was ignoring her pleadings. He had no intention of letting her go and continued to hump her relentlessly from behind.

He groped energetically her perky buttocks while overlooking the white as snow skin contrasting with his fingers, such view stirred a sadistic pleasure in him. Zhou Min’s legs felt completely numb, and she couldn’t help but kneel down. Lan Ziyu followed her change in position, going down with her. He fished her up toward him, pasting himself to her back. His arms passed under her armpits and reached for her round breasts to which he kneaded mercilessly, rubbed and twisted into various shapes.

This new position made her body went up and down from his pistoning. His actions more ferocious with the increasing lust. He reached new unexplored areas causing Zhou Min to let out shrill moans as she sensed another climax creep in closer.

“Oh~! Oh, no! Cumming~!” She screamed from his rough and crude manipulation. He stopped pestling her and pulled out his penis. He turned her around to face him, crushing her breasts on his chest.

The passion between them had long caused her eyes to glister and make her out of breath. She lightly bit her lips under his watchful eyes. She felt empty and limp. Her round butt was slightly raised. His hard sex, that was drenched by her fiery hole, became even more firm and big.

This discovery made her nervous, but more than that, she was excited. She felt her inside once again probed by his scorching glans, then came the grinding that made her shudder from head to toes. Lan Ziyu held her hands. His grip was hot and powerful.

“Hmmm~” A new round awaited her as his burning iron rod pushed in and out, draining her from any strength. Her small face was flushed and her fragrant sweat pearled into water beads, falling down with small plic-plop sounds.

“Im- Big Brother Y-Yu…” She shook her head. When she looked at his dangerous eyes, she no longer knew how she should call him. She remembered that he wanted her to call him Yu. But when she called him, it inadvertently came out quite coquettish which made his arousal grew bigger. It scared the heck out of Zhou Min who only had one thought – escape. He was way too big and she could no longer keep up with his frenzy actions.

Subconsciously, she wanted to get away from him, but he had guessed her intention and didn’t give her any leeway. His big hands tightly held her waist, pushing her down, making her gobbled his arousal deeper, then he lifted her up, repeating the cycle numerous times.

“Ahhh~” His deep invasion made her sing in a sweet voice. Her powerless body limply fell on him, twitching from the pleasure.

Lan Ziyu frowned from the sensual pleasure her inner walls gave him, tightly wrapping around his penis. He grabbed with more strength her firm posterior and used it as a support to slide back and forth inside of her wet vagina at high speed.

“Urgh… Slow down… Slow down…” Sounds of wet flesh colliding together were heard following the quick cadence of his movements.

She bit her lips and arched instinctively her body with her small hands resting on his sweaty chest. Her head slightly lifted up. She let herself be manipulated up and down, her lower mouth gobbled the entirety of his penis at each thrust.

Being at his complete mercy, Zhou Min didn’t fight him off. Instead, she became sluggish and a dead fish to recuperate. Lan Ziyu discovered her intention and was quite dissatisfied. However, this time he decided to adapt himself to her.

“Right… Just like this… Darling, you are so tight, so good…”

His arousal was fully enjoying the tightness of her vagina. His black eyes squinted, staring at her swaying white breast. He couldn’t resist the temptation and grabbed one of them, and knead it along with his humping.

The soft and bouncy sensation of her breast in his hand made him reluctant to release it. Despite her seemingly delicate body, Zhou Min was endowed with the right curves.

Under his fingers, her white breast took various shapes. He squeezed it harder and made her pointy nipple stood out, making the visual more alluring to him.

“Uhhh~” His breast massage caused her to let out a hoarse moan which was as sweet and alluring to his ears. Her nipples became more sensitive.

“Darling, your nipples are so stiff.”

“Oh~ Ah~” She lowered her head and saw a big thumb rubbing her nipple. Under his rubbing, her dark nipple turned into a beautiful red.

“Ah~ No… Don’t… rub it… Stop…” Her white teeth nibbled her red lips. Although she was obviously the one controlling the rhythm of the insertion, she remained as breathless as she was before from connecting with his arousal. Nevertheless, his obscene talk and nipple play made her shy and reluctant to accept.

His eyes darkened. He bent his neck and sucked on a nipple. His tongue first circled around it, then lapped it until it was wet and smooth. Finally, he sucked on it strongly.

While he was sucking her nipple, his hand never let go of her satiny breast, continuing to rub it, as if he wanted to milk her. Overwhelmed by lust, his other hand couldn’t remain idle as it reached for the other red nipple and twisted it, before sucking on it in turn.

After he got enough of one, he worked his tongue on the other, causing the two nipples to glisten with his saliva. It was only then that he was satisfied and started to lick her red lips.

His fingers didn’t leave her cherry buds alone, as they rolled and twisted them while his palm pressed and knead her breast. He played with her chest until her fair skin turned red.

“Oh~! Hmmmm…” Her damped hair was scattered on her white skin. She nibbled her lips, indulging in the pleasure of his gallop in her tight flower hole.

Her love juice kept overflowing from her vagina. At each thrust, droplets splashed all over their abdomen, causing a thin film of liquid to form on their skin.

Their pleasure heightened as time passed. After a few more thrusts, her breathing hurried, and her insides tightened even more.

“Feel so good… But too slow, little imp…” At the other end of her sluggish movement, he felt it was too slow and it made him have to urge to plug her more fiercely as he felt the heat wrapping him slowly leaving.

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