Chapter 7

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“No! You also want it. Look, you flower hole is so wet, waiting eagerly for me to penetrate you.” Following his overbearing words, his long finger trusted past her labia, invading her vagina.

“Ah~! Take it out! It’s too much!” Zhou Min paled from panic, feeling his finger stuck inside of her.

Lan Ziyu ignored her shout and started to thrust back and forth his finger.

She was shocked. Although the invasion wasn’t too deep, she had an incongruous feeling of fullness that was far from being uncomfortable. It made her want him to dig her out more ruthlessly, soothing the itching deep in her, filling the emptiness of her insides. She craved for something big to cram into her.

She leaned her limbed body on him, feeling his shameless probing in her vagina. She couldn’t stop her genitals from secreting hot love juice.

At this moment, her face could only be described as so beautiful that it overshadowed the moon and shame the flowers. Her soft and little mouth slightly part to let out charming moans. He was consumed by lust, his face was completely flushed. He speeded up his finger thrusts, going deeper with each penetration, putting in more strength, making her reach the highest peak of pleasure.

“Ah~! Oh~! Mmmm~! S-stop! Too fast! Too fast! I’m dying- I’m dying! Aaah~! I can’t- Ah~! I’m going to-!”

Zhou Min was melting. Her flower petals swell painfully from the powerful friction he created each time he trusted his finger in her. She frowned, unable to endure any longer his strong enthusiasm, on the verge of orgasm.

Lan Ziyu was fascinated by her obscene and beautiful body. His index once again trusted into her flexible, tight and soaking wet vagina. He quickly added in another finger.

Her fleshy walls tightly wrapped around his two fingers, making him feel how tight she was. “Oh~! No, don’t…I-I’m dying… Cannot anymore…” His actions persisted, making her feel faint.

“Baby, call me Yu.” Lan Ziyu grabbed her slender waist with his other hand, pulling her closer to him, his fingers continued to plunge her tight tunnel.

“Ah~! Big Brother Yu… Spare me! Uhhh~! Sniff! I… cannot anymore- Can’t-!” She could barely endure his fierce demands. The walls inside her vagina have begun to contract.

“In a moment, you will be able to…” He picked up the speed of his fingers thrusts, using more strength as he plunged into her tight hole, rotating his two fingers to open a path of her continuously constricting vagina. Her insides were rubbed and poked at different places, heightening her sensitivity.

She endured the repeated finger thrusts, the rotating probes, the digging. Her genitals secreted out a huge amount of sweet juice, soaking his fingers and palm, flowing to the point even her lower butt cheeks were wet. Her pleasure kept rising without stopping.

“Ah~!” Her flower hole started to spasm as she reached the climax, her voice couldn’t be held back as she let out a scream while grabbing onto Lan Ziyu’s clothes.

“I like it when you call me Big Brother Yu.” He hugged her limp body while smiling deviously. His arousal ached even more painful from lust. His hands went down to her butt where they kneaded it strongly, making her flower petals rubbed lightly against his boner.

A comfortable sensation was felt on his glans. That sort of itchy sensation wasn’t enough to quell him. He wanted more. He quickly removed his clothes and threw them aside. He hugged back Zhou Min, grabbing onto her perky butt and pulling her abruptly closer to him. He opened her thighs. The suddenness caused her to encircle his neck from fear of falling. Her white and soft legs wrapped around his strong waist. Only after shedding his clothes was it possible to understand how sexy his body was.

He wasn’t full of bulging muscles. His body was strong, leaning more toward the graceful body type with well-defined muscles, sculpted through years of military campaigns. Each part of his body hid explosive power.

Soon, he was completely naked like Zhou Min, revealing his upright and towering crotch.

Because she was pressed to the pillar, Zhou Min was unable to see the sinister crystallization of his lust. She could only feel a hard and burning object patting her entrance, causing the secretion of more love juice to lubricate her entrance.

“I can’t stand this feeling! Give it to me, please give it to meeee-” Lan Ziyu was on the edge of madness. His slender body and that big and thick meat stick between his groins seemed to exude a suffocating grandeur.

He sandwiched her tighter against the pillar and rubbed himself on her.

“So… comfortable… smell so… good~” He was rubbing obsessively against her body, feeling her trembling beneath him.

He really wanted to calm her anxiety, but the fragrance coming out from her body made him forgo his thoughts. He opened her thighs and pressed them firmly to the pillar.

The mushroom head glans of his arousal continuously soaked itself in her love juice. His big penis could barely endure from not infringing her wet hole.

“Darling, I will relieve you soon.” Lan Ziyu knead her butt, toying his arousal against her red and swollen labia, resisting the painful ache of her tight entrance.

“Bear with it…” He repressed the urge of staring at her lovable body.

“Ah?!” Zhou Min still hadn’t recovered from her previous orgasm and was too late to respond when Lan Ziyu’s moved his hips forward, each part of his body tensed as his huge meat rod broke into her narrow entrance.

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