Chapter 6

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“You can’t escape tonight.” He immediately lowered his head and kissed her little mouth. His tongue roughly invade her, intertwining with her tongue, but it wasn’t enough to satisfy him his craving, thus he sucked on it.

Zhou Min used all her strength to evade her head and free her lips from his, but all was in vain. No matter how she resisted, his grip on her remained firm.

She was kissed until she couldn’t tell north from south and gradually stopped struggling. Since Zhou Min had never experienced such things, her brain had long turned into paste. Besides, 484 had warned her that the male lead will die if he doesn’t have sexual intercourse. And it would be “Game Over” for her when he died.

Lan Ziyu noticed that her struggle has weakened. He relaxed his strength, allowing the tender buds on her chest to rub his shoulders. Both his hands and his arousal wantonly fondled her delicate body. He ran his right hand from her thigh to her tight little butt and pulled it closer to him, nestling his penis between her thighs, and furiously grinding against the entrance of her secret cave. As he occupied her lower body, his left hand caressed her delicate neck before kneading with enthusiast her soft breasts, wrinkling her dudou. Under the coercion of his hand, her plump peaks were mold into various shapes.

Her brain went offline, her whole body was on fire and she couldn’t put any resistance against his wild and fierce handling. She tightly gripped his shoulders.

Lan Ziyu licked her petal-like lips, trailing down his tongue until he could kiss and suck her neck, leaving behind glaring hickeys.

However, this was no longer enough to satisfy him. He tore off her skirt and ripped away her last piece of undergarment. He knew how good her figure was, but when her nakedness was revealed, it dazzled him. He narrowed his eyes, staring at her well developed and bouncing white breasts. His body felt the heat of lust and her enticing moaned fanned his desire further. He lowered his head and kissed her swaying peaks.

The kisses turned into bites, slowly moving to that dark red protuberance to which he nibbled blithely. His lips and tongue revolved repeatedly around her nipples, sucking on it until they were bright red and swollen, but even then, he didn’t stop tormenting her nipples.

Zhou Min was bewildered. Her nipples were swollen and painful. She wanted to push him away to escape from unbridled actions.

“I-Imperial Brother… Hurt, it hurts…. D-don’t… Let me go. Ah~!” Her speech was difficult since she was resisting his stimulation. Her lower body felt oddly moist, an unfamiliar feeling to her, and it made her crave painfully for something.

“No…! Fine, I’ll be fiercer and do you to death, dissolute woman…” Lan Ziyi warped her words deliberately. He firmly grabbed one of her thighs and parted it, revealing her secret garden. With the other hand, he opened the front of his surcoat and rammed his arousal to her private parts.

“Ah…. No… I do not… W-what are y-you doing? Stop!” Her delicate body swayed from the impact of his attack.

Lan Ziyu ignored her plead. He put more energy into grinding the entrance of her vagina. Although Zhou Min was naked, Lan Ziyu was still neatly dressed. Despite their sexes being separated by a thin layer of clothes, his fiery and hard meat rod continuously tried to invade her with quick and rhythmical thrusts.

“Aaah- Don’t! Please…” She could no longer resist the intense pleasure of her first sexual experience. The fear of losing control overwhelmed her, yet she still responded to his fierce stimulation. She thought she prepared herself to be his antidote, but she felt guilty for detoxifying him in such a way.

“Slut…” He tightly hugged her.

He added more strength in his thrusts, his glans poking the entrance of her vagina. Her swollen lips were forced open by his overbearing kiss, fervently enticing her.

“Mmmm-” Their moans could no longer be distinguished as they fell into the decadent pleasure.

As his lust rose, he suddenly lowered his head and strongly sucked on her nipple, making wet noise, venting his surging desire.

He fondly caressed her body, making her tremble from pleasure. His hand ran down to her genitals and slowly touched her labia, trailed along it, feeling how soaked in love juice they were.

His fingers gently parted the labia. Her love juice overflowed from her vagina, soaking his fingers. Her legs softened and trembled, making her unable to stand.

“Darling, you are so wet.” Lan Ziyu explored her inside with satisfaction.

“Let go… Imperial Brother, you… you can’t.” Zhou Min was afraid he would kill her the moment he sobered. She looked at his bloodshot eyes and the dangerous aura exuding from him, she was very worried that he couldn’t control himself and tormented her into a miserable state.

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