Chapter 5

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“I’m heavy and I’m poking you? You mean like this?” Lan Ziyu extended both hands, putting them on the pillar and encircling Lan Min, Zhou Min’s name in this world. He tightly stuck his lower body to her underbelly, ruthlessly jabbing her with his arousal. It caused her to lightly bite her lips while moaning in response, and her opened eyes revealed her naivete and bewilderment.

Lan Min’s presence here was a miscalculation for him. In fact, when he realized that he fell into the ploy of those women in the harem earlier, it was already too late to stop the effect of the aphrodisiac. When he extricate himself from the trap, he chose to come here. He, who hadn’t touch a woman in all his lifetime, was planning to comfort himself. However, he had underestimated the effect of the aphrodisiac. Even after shooting out several times, he still felt arouse. This time, he had to admit that this drug can only be solved with the help of a woman. Coincidentally, someone had slipped into the room that he ordered his subordinates to seal off. He planned to use this opportunity to promote one of the women in the harem. As someone who didn’t pay much attention to the palace maids to start with, he didn’t care who he will promote, only solving his current needs was a priority.

Let that person becomes his antidote! Besides, the scent on that woman was very pleasant and fragrant. Since she met his appetite, he didn’t mind giving her a good position and title in the future. In any case, it wasn’t like the harem couldn’t nurture another person and it didn’t make a difference for him.

However, when the woman in his arms cowered from him while shouting “Imperial brother”, he peered down and clearly saw her appearance under the moonlight. She was trembling in his embrace, looking at him with a pair of sweet and charming eyes. Her little face was slightly flushed. She was unexpectedly his long-forgotten little sister, Lan Min!

His expression was indescribable as the truth dawned on him. Taking advantage of this moment, Lan Min suddenly pushed him away and escaped from him in panic. His barely restrained desire exploded from the suddenness of her action, and he subconsciously grabbed her with haste before she could escape from his grasp, and unceremoniously pressed her under him again.

“Ah! Don’t… Don’t do it… It’s itching…” Her brows were knitted as she looked at him from below while he was continuously grinding his body on her and caressing every inch of her body. Zhou Min shook her head in a charming way. She wanted to refuse him.

Since Lan Ziyu was confined in a courtyard before his ascension, he never saw his little sister again. Therefore, his impression of her dated back to when she was 11 years old. A while ago, she had passed the Jinchai age (12 years old), and she should already reach the wushao age (between 13 to 15 years old)!

From that time, their siblings had grown estranged from each other. Every time she saw him, she would hide away. As for him, he chose to thoroughly forget that he still has a little sister living inside the harem. The harem is a place which bent where the wind blows, and there were plenty of people living in there. Therefore, even if she was the only princess of Mist empire, her living condition was poorer than the average person. He knew about it, yet he didn’t care at all!

If it wasn’t for tonight’s event, he wouldn’t have discovered that young child had grown into such appearance after years of not seeing each other. He didn’t realize that his reason was gradually diminishing as he became more engrossed by her. There was one single he knew – his body wants her!

Despite meticulous care, his hands, which only knew how to hold a brush and a sword, were still covered in a thin layer of callus. Now, they were occupied squeezing Lan Min’s plump breasts and perked buttocks. “Oh! Where does it itch? Let me hear you say it~” Lan Ziyu feigned being stupid as he carelessly spoke to her, and continued to squeeze her lovely body here and there.

“You… You… Imperial brother, I-I am your little sister…” While she was molested by him, she unconsciously spoke coquettish words while hesitantly using her hands to push him away.

Zhou Min wanted to cry. ‘What is this situation?’ Wasn’t she supposed to fulfill the cannon fodder’s wish by protecting her brother? How did the situation develop in this kind of direction? This male lead was under the effect of a substance and was far from clear-headed. If he sobered, he wouldn’t even deign to touch someone he hates. Besides, if he knew that he was touching her, there was a possibility that her fate was only death! ‘Oh my god! If the cannon fodder died because of the male lead, won’t that be tragic?!’

“Little beauty, so you like doing that kind of play? Then, tonight, we will play along with you…” Lan Ziyu’s eyes were incredibly bright as he looked at the stiffed person he had pressed to the pillar. The smile hanging on his face was full of deep meaning.

“What?! N-n-no… I-I really am your little sister! Imperial brother… Imperial brother… You cannot… You will regret it…” She really wanted to kneel down. ‘Who loves doing that kind of sex play?! Oh please!’ In two days when he sobered, if the emperor found out about tonight’s matter, he might sentence her to death. If she was killed, how can she complete her mission?!

Looking at the endearingly silly Lan Min, Lan Ziyu suddenly felt strange. He leaned near her ear and lightly nibbled her earlobe. “Hey, why are you wearing such expression? How naughty. You taste sweet. I wonder how your lips will taste. Let us try it!”

Lan Ziyu used his tall height and superior strength to manipulate the petite body under him. He lifted one of his legs to nudge between Zhou Min’s legs, then he applied some strength and repeatedly ground his thigh on her labia. One of his hands grabbed her two wrists and restrained them above her head, lifting both of her arms.

“No! You can’t. Lan Ziyu, you are crazy! I really am your little sister! Let me go! What are you doing?!” She was scared and shocked. She did her best to free her hands from his, but she couldn’t budge him away at all. She only wanted to separate the female lead from the male lead, but she never expected that she would replace the female lead to do the deed. She knew that the female lead encountered the male lead in this place for the first time, but she didn’t anticipate this kind of scenario!

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