Chapter 4

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‘What do you mean by you can do your task with peace of mind?! Damn you! How can I concentrate on doing the mission in such situation? I can do shit-’

“Uhm~” An alluring moan came out from Zhou Min’s mouth. Zhou Min shivered and had goosebumps. This was absolutely not her voice! Wait, could it be how the princess’ voice sound?!

‘My ancestors!’

“Your body smells really good. Ah~” The man’s hot lips continuously pecked and lingered on her neck. His body which had tightly pressed Zhou Min was constantly rubbing against her. In particular, he kept using his hard arousal to rub the place between her legs. It didn’t take long before the rubbing caused Zhou Min’s small face to be flushed. Her eyes were misty and glistening from the pleasurable sensation, and her mind was getting muddled. The man’s hands were eagerly tearing off her clothes. It was obvious how impatient he was and appeared somewhat annoyed by the numerous layers of clothing.


Her snow white skin was revealed to the moonlight. The sensual sight could cause people to lost their mind.

Her crimson dudou1 embroidered with water lily formed a powerful contrast with her white skin. It caused the man’s eyes to red from desire. He couldn’t wait any longer as he shoved his face in her chest and bite on the fabric and pulled on it with his mouth. His action was followed by the tearing sound of the piece of clothing.

Zhou Min, whose mind had wandering faraway, momentarily, came back to reality. She immediately grabbed the man’s hair and wanted to push him away, but the other party suddenly bite down ruthlessly on her perfectly rounded breast with the dudou still in his mouth. She felt a rough tongue continuously teasing her nipple through the fabric, followed by an increasingly loud sucking sound which echoed through the whole room. Zhou Min could hardly support her body which continued to slide down the wall.

The man picked her up. He didn’t strip her from all of her clothes and continued to rub her everywhere through her tattered clothes. Next, he pulled her up and pasted her body closer to the wall. Then, he ripped off her hanging surcoat and her skirt which allowed his big hand to stroke the tender skin of her inner thighs. His hand didn’t stop there as it trailed higher, nudging itself into her private parts and feeling her velvety and thin pubic hair. The man couldn’t be content with that level of petting as he spread apart her snow white legs and used his index to part her labia, which resembled the petals of a flower. Her vagina was completely drenched from sex juices which urged the man to probe into it further. He firmly inserted one of his fingers deep inside and relentlessly slide it in and out of her body.

“Don’t~” Zhou Min couldn’t help but want to close her legs, but she was constantly twitching from the unexpected insertion of a foreign body in her flower hole and the vigorous and rhythmical fingers thrust. With difficulty, she turned away her head to avoid the man constant kisses on her face.

Zhou Min had never experienced sex, so her brain had turned into paste, overwhelmed by the sensation. The finger job made her whole body limply. She wanted to feel more, but her reason told her that she has to quickly stop this man!

Zhou Min’s refusal made the man feel unhappy. With his free hand, he grabbed her face and firmly held her jaw. At this time, under the hazy moonlight, she was able to clearly see the man’s identity. Her heart skipped a beat. He was dressed in an imperial black robe showing golden dragons on it. The wide sleeve cuffs were embellished with golden patterns embroidered with golden threads. His clothing was the epitome of luxury. From the wide sleeve, his generous palm and the long fingers composing his hands were occupied stirring pleasure from her body. One of his hands was ruthlessly excavating her vagina, while the other was ravaging her breasts, kneading them into various shapes. His phoenix-shaped eyes were bloodshot, filled with lust and obsession. His perfectly shaped red lips were continuously kissing her face and making strawberry fields bloomed on her neck, leaving not only hickeys, but a glistening trailed of saliva.

This person was the cannon fodder’s blood-related big brother, also known as Mist empire youngest emperor, Lan Ziyu!

Zhou Min trembled. ‘Isn’t it incest?’ She immediately sobered. Suddenly, under the adrenaline, she felt a burst of strength which allowed her to push away her brother. The finger in her vagina was forcefully pulled out with a wet sound. Zhou Min saw Lan Ziyu’s two fingers which were glistening, coated with her body fluids. She couldn’t stop herself from blushing. She pulled up her clothes and shouted in panic, “I-imperial brother!”

Lan Ziyu looked at his two fingers which were playing inside Zhou Min, then he lifted them to his nose and sniffed them. “So, your body smells like this inside, huh?” He sensually lowered his fingers to his mouth and taste them. “How sweet!” It was a surprising discovery. Lan Ziyu’s eyes glinted dangerously.

Zhou Min’s legs were still weak, so she couldn’t stand steadily. Thus, she had no other choice but to support herself with the wall. She watched Lan Ziyu putting the two fingers, which were digging her flower hole before, without any reluctance. The sight made her feel strange, and her lower body became even more wet, to the point where her thighs and her private parts were completely drenched.

Zhou Min turned away from shyness. She couldn’t look on. Her legs were still weak, but she didn’t renounce moving away from him using the wall. “I-imperial brother, I-I didn’t mean to break into here. I…”

The original cannon fodder’s voice was naturally soft and coquettish which made her feel lovable and charming. It was very pleasant to listen to.

“Come here!” Lan Ziyu didn’t seem to take note of her identity and was far from being concern about her identity also. His eyes were crimson from desire and there was a huge tent between his legs. This show that this man was currently consumed by lust and could not endure it any longer.

Zhou Min felt that another person came into the room. She have no other choice but to speedily pick up all her pieces of clothes that were scattered on the floor. Then, she dodged him and ran to the outside, into the depth of the harem. In any case, she had separate the main couple of this story. Anything else can be said later. As Zhou Min was fleeing, anger rose in Lan Ziyu in a split of a second. Zhou Min failed to escape as her body was grabbed back by Lan Ziyu. She was unable to tell how it happened. Earlier, she was running to a corner and the next moment, she was back into the room and was threw to a vermillion pillar.

Her back slammed onto it which made her frown from the pain. Her head also knocked onto the pillar and she was rendered dizzy for a moment. She didn’t have the time to react before noticing that she was trapped within Lan Ziyu’s embrace. His sword-like brows were slightly wrinkled whilst his beautiful and cold eyes were lecherous. He was brimming with a nefarious energy, like lions from savannahs – dangerous and cruel.

Seeing him so close to her face, Zhou Min was unable to ignore those lips that kept igniting a fire in her. The slight curve of his lips let her remember that not long ago, those lips were stuck to her skin and his mouth was biting her breasts. Suddenly, her body felt numb and she wondered what it felt like to kiss his lips?

Her imagination ran wild as she looked at the man in front of her. That was the cannon fodder’s big brother, the most powerful man in this empire, but also a handsome and dangerous man.

The original owner of the body was a reserved and peaceful person if described in an optimistic way. However, truth to be said, she was a coward and a very passive person. Therefore, 484 had already reminded her that she couldn’t act out of character. She couldn’t let the people around her doubt that she wasn’t the original person. Therefore, it was unknown whether or not 484 choose this body since this princess’ first name was also Min. However, her surname was Lan instead of Zhou.

“I-imperial brother~ Can you step aside a little bit…? You are heavy… a-and… i-it’s poking me~” She timidly spoke. Then, she lowered her oval face where a hint of blush could be seen. His arousal was poking against her belly. It made her feel uncomfortable and give her the urge to avoid it. The dangerous glint inside Lan Ziyu became more concentrate after hearing her words.

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