Chapter 8

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“Ahh! It hurts!” She suddenly felt as if her insides have ripped apart. Her nails embedded in Lan Ziyu’s skin, leaving behind bloody trails. ‘Shit! This hurts!’ In the erotic novels she read, it didn’t seem as painful as the real thing! Perhaps, her body was too sensitive which made her feel not only more pleasure but more pain.

If Zhou Min was in pain, Lan Ziyu wasn’t much better. He couldn’t completely enter her. His glans barely passed through her entrance and was already tightly wrapped by her soft insides. ‘It feels good!’ It felt as if 1,000 little mouths were sucking every millimeter of his glans. The pleasure was killing him!

Overwhelmed by pleasure, he lowered his head and gave her a kiss, stirring her to respond to him.

The pain made Zhou Min so uncomfortable that she didn’t want to kiss him back, even her legs around his waist had stiffened from the pain. The only thing in her mind was to get that thing out of her vagina.

Her hands reached his shoulders and tried to push him away. This only result in him biting her lips, prying her mouth opened and snaking his silky tongue inside. He overbearingly sucked on her tongue and continuously distracted her while taking a big whiff of her sweet scent. Her thighs were completely locked in place by his big hands and she couldn’t move at all, nailed to the pillar by him.

Sensing Zhou Min’s struggle, how could he allow her to deprive him of the pleasure of her flower hole? Thus, he straightened his back and ruthlessly thrust into her, forcefully penetrating her completely.

Zhou Min was incredibly tense and rigid from the pain, and her whimper was completely silenced by Lan Ziyu’s kiss. This was killing her! Her lower part was heartlessly ripped apart.

Urgh…” Lan Ziyu raised his head and let out a moan, satisfied. He was able to completely enter her and the sensation he felt as her vagina tightly wrapped around his penis was beyond words. Once entered, he discovered that her insides moved in such a way that it created a suction so pleasurable that his arousal grew even bigger.

His considerations for the fairer sex had long flown out of the window. He grabbed her buttocks with one hand and kneaded her soft breast with the other. Her vagina was bleeding as he continued to thrust back and forth.

The effect of the aphrodisiac, coupled with her sweet scent and wonderful tightness, made him feels that each thrust in the depth of her vagina was akin to having a deep hole constantly sucking his whole penis as if it wants to keep him forever inside. He became more and more excited, unable to control his strength and speed. There was only one thought left inside his mind – plunger that little succubus to death!

“Hurts… I-imperial brother, stop….” Zhou Min felt as if a burning iron rod was relentlessly ramming into her, feeling the endless tearing pain. However, the pain gradually faded into pleasure and her vagina secreted more love juice, lubricating her insides, allowing Lan Ziyu to slide in and out more smoothly.

“Darling, I’m cumming!”  He didn’t stop despite her constant whimpering. He only wanted to fiercely pestle her tight hole, reaching her innermost, kissing it like lovers would do. His emotions had reached new heights. He couldn’t stop even if he wanted to, swaying his hip like a madman, pounding deep into her over and over again, unable to extricate his mind from the pleasure of her tightness and the satiny sensation on his penis as he glided in.

Finally, he came. However, after reaching his climax, he discovered that his penis didn’t deflate. On the contrary, it got bigger and the suction from her hole didn’t help. He couldn’t stop himself. He continued to pound her, wanting to kill her with his penis.

At this moment, Lan Ziyu was similar to a despotic colonist, not taking “no” for an answer, mercilessly invading her and wreaking havoc in her tender flower hole.

“So good! Little seductress, I want to fuck you to death. I’m going to fuck you to death… Ah~” Lan Ziyu became even more unrestrained, scaring Zhou Min. Unfortunately for her or not, after being penetrated so many times, her vagina could now accommodate his arousal and his speedy thrusts had numbed her hole from the pleasure that even she was reluctant to separate herself from. Yet, she couldn’t keep up with Lan Ziyu’s rhythm. She was like a fish stranded on the beach, gasping for air, unable to properly let out a moan.

“Ah~ Too strong! N-no… don’t… slow down… I’m dying- I’m dying~ Aaah~!”

“Not yet! Not yet! Spread wider. Lift up your butt for me.” Lang Ziyu ordered. He continued to thrust his pelvis back and forth fiercely as if he wanted to thoroughly nailed her with his arousal. It made her feel full, causing her to shiver all over.

“N-no… don’t go in… any… more… I’m going to cum! I’m cumming~ Aaah~ Bro-brother… Big brother~ Ah~”

Paf! Clap! Clap!

Because Zhou Min didn’t obey him by spreading herself wider to allow him deeper access to her insides, he spanked her butt cheeks until they were red, scaring her into crying.

In order to appease Lan Ziyu whose eyes were bloodshot, on the verge of going berserk, Zhou Min had not much choice, she has to obey him. She reached the pillar behind her, grabbed it and pulled herself up a bit to prop up her butt. This position allowed Lan Ziyu to ram in easier in her. He picked up his speed, penetrating her deeper and deeper.

He moaned in satisfaction, pounding her constantly and fiercely, tormenting her delicate inside. He charged into her crudely, forgoing any technique to enhance their pleasures.

“B-big brother~ Spare me! No more! No more~ Stop! So deep~ I’m scared~” His penis penetrated her deeply, making her afraid she would be nailed through by his huge and long arousal.

Huff… I can’t do as you wish. I won’t stop!” Regardless of her begging, he continued to plow her with his hard erection, going deeper into her vagina. He was about to reach orgasm and could no longer control himself.

Her love juice had completely soaked his meat rod long ago, making the constant insertion smoother, allowing him to closely plunge into her so deeply that they became one with their lower parts. The suction force of her vagina was so intense that he could barely will himself to resist the pleasure. Zhou Min no longer resist his mad thrusts. Her heart was hopping at great speed, causing her to feel faint. Her eyes became unfocused and then, everything went dark. She fainted in his arms.

After noticing that she was unconscious, a flash of regret passed through his expression. He was too rough with her, but he even if he wanted to, his restraint was thrown out of the windows in the face of pleasure. He had yet to have enough!

Her delicate and tender body laid on him, charming and alluring. Once again, he groaned in pleasure and worked his hip back and forth.

‘Oh~! Imperial little sister~’ This kind of taboo love heightened his excitation, not to mention her little flower hole was so fascinating, wrapping around him so tightly.

How could he not discover that it was his imperial little sister and not someone disguised into her? He was simply pretending not recognizing her. Although it was an accident that she found herself here, he has to admit that he loved that unexpected turn of event!

He firmly grabbed her slender waist and continued to work her body without fatigue. He wrapped his body around her small one and plunge further into her in high cadence.

Although she has fainted, her body automatically responded to Lan Ziyu’s as if she was still awake, who knew if this wasn’t the propriety of the skills she gained through the newbie package 484 gave her. Her vagina continued to suck him in, making his erection bigger, responding to his hard meat rod constantly grinding on her walls of flesh. Her legs were spread apart, held by his hip. He thrust into her non-stop with the ferociousness of a berserker. His testicles were so close to her that they slapped her butt cheeks at each thrust, making her twitched each time.

Suddenly, due to his impatient thrusting, he accidentally hit a special spot in her vagina, a protuberance. It caused even the fainted Zhou Min to let out a moan and her insides abruptly tightened, even more, causing Lan Ziyu to almost ejaculate on the spot.

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