Chapter 3

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Since Zhou Ming already accepted the mission, she had no other choice but to follow 484’s instructions. She proceeded forward quickly while following the GPS that was given to her by the intelligent navigator. Of course, “intelligent navigator” was a self-bestowed title that 484 gave to itself. According to Zhou Min, that thing was simply an idiotic dopey navigator.

“Hey! Mission undertaker, please accepted the newbie package sends by the system~” Zhou Min, who was doing her best to hold up her long robe while running along the GPS’s route to her target, received the system’s message and started to dispute with 484.

“Newbie package?! What great thing are you sending me? I hope this isn’t another trap?!”

“Of course not! How can you say that? I saw that your starting stats are too appalling and couldn’t bear it. That’s why I decide to grant you something good. I am a very fair, reasonable and humane navigator. I am very good compared to the others. If you don’t want it, then I will take it back. I am still reluctant to give it to you.” 484 wasn’t happy and spoke somewhat arrogantly. ‘She really doesn’t recognize goodwill!’

“Stop, stop, stop! I was wrong! I want it. How can I refuse anything given by you? If I refuse, will that be me who can’t tell good from bad? So, please give it to me~!” Zhou Min felt helpless. However, for the success of the mission, she couldn’t help but look forward to the newbie package. Besides, she felt that her basic status stats were not right. It made her seemed useless, but she was a true gold-collar worker! How could her stats be so low?!

‘How unscientific!’

Ding! d=====( ̄▽ ̄*)b

[Newbie package received by mission tasker.]

[Obtained Natural Body Fragrance – Happiness is Honey Peach (random selection): This fragrance gives the people the feeling of first love when smell. The scent becomes more concentrated with the elevation of the body temperature. During orgasm, the charm effect can be triggered.

Fragrance selected: Poppy perfume]

[Obtained one of the Great Tools – The Jade Whirpool of the Phoenix Breath: The tasker’s genitalia gained the ability to give their target the best suction sensation during insertion. Stun effect can be triggered. The pleasure is so great that it can directly send the target to the seventh heaven.]

[Obtained Heightened Sensitivity: The body sensitivity has multiplied by 100. A simple touch can cause the tasker to get wet.]

“Since the host can’t choose the type of body fragrance, I chose for you the poppy perfume.”

Zhou Min was dumbstruck. “T-this is the newbie package?! Are you fucking with me? I mean are you joking with me?! 484, come here for me! Y-you have to give me an explanation. T-this kind of ridiculous things…” What does having a low IQ and completing the assigned mission had to do with those things in the newbie package?!

“Detecting the male lead inside this room. The scheming female lead is approaching the place. Quick, take away the male lead, or you will fail this mission!” 484 urgently warned her. Zhou Min, who was holding up the hem of her clothes whilst madly dashing through the harem, stopped. She looked around. ‘Shit, this a remote palace hall with no sign of human presence.’ The weeds were growing freely and the ground was covered in dead leaves. It appeared that this place has long been forgotten. Even the crimson door frame was shedding from its once gorgeous paint. ‘Damn! Are you telling me that the emperor is in here?!’

‘Are you bullying me because I’m new and not used to this task? Why would the mighty emperor leave his luxurious quarters and come to this decrepit place?!’

It seemed as if 484 knew what Zhou Min was thinking, so it acted cute. “Hey, 250, let’s go in first because that wanton female lead is coming soon~!”

‘Right, that’s the main priority…’

Zhou Min remembered her priorities, thus she stopped her nonsense. She had to block the female lead which is the cannon fodder’s wish. She also had to protect her big brother and this empire. She couldn’t allow this scheming and slutty female lead prevailed!

It was the first time Zhou Min wore ancient palace clothing. This kind of fluttering and fairy-like clothes were rather difficult to move around due to the length of it which made her quite depressed giving the urgency of the situation.

She pushed open the door and discovered that the inside of the room was very clean. There was even a refined scent of special incense in the air. Moonlight sprinkled into the room, giving the place a sense of elegance and aloofness. It seemed that the owner of this place had very good taste.

As Zhou Min swayed her waist while walking into the room, a tall figure suddenly came behind her. He embraced her from behind, then he pushed her around before sandwiching her face against the ice-cold wall and her back to a boiling body.

Zhou Min’s first reaction was to try to flee, but unfortunately, the hot breath tickling her skin from behind had turned her legs into jelly.

“484, something is wrong…” Zhou Min felt that the man holding her was the cause of her sudden weakness, not to mention that something was continuously leaking from her lower body. Before her death, Zhou Min was still an ignorant virgin thus she never felt such sensation before which made her vulnerable to the current situation.

“Something is wrong? Nothing is wrong. It must be the “heightened sensitivity” that you obtained earlier. This will help you get into the mood quickly. It will help you a lot to complete the mission. Anyway, you can do your mission at ease. I will not peep…” 484 laughed pervertedly while speaking with no care. However, when Zhou Min heard its explanations, she was scared witless!

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