Chapter 2

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“Yes, I am very curious~!” Although Zhou Min had a wide smile, the corner of her mouth was twitching as she spoke.

“I can’t tell you!” 484’s annoying voice once again notified her. It made her suddenly felt dumbstruck to the point she almost spat out blood from being infuriated.

She knew that going along with that retarded system still didn’t bear any fruits. It took its sweet time to say what she already knew. What she wanted to know was the particularities of the game “Male Protagonist, you are so hateful~”.

“Good! 250, prepare yourself to receive the mission!” 484 suddenly announced.

Zhou Min was momentarily rendered speechless. ‘When did I say that I want to accept the mission? I don’t want to receive it!’ Regardless of her unwillingness, Zhou Min felt that system-thing was quite queer, especially that retarded and lack-of-common-sense navigator, and that ‘250’ ID name. Her mind was tired as she remembered the feeling of falling into a trap!

“250, if you don’t accept the mission, you will immediately die. Do you still want to refuse?”

Zhou Min stayed silent. Her heart felt stifled. She wanted to live. She recalled her parents and then, that disgusting man who was fooling around with her best friend behind her back. She was very unwilling to let it go!

“After your resurrection, the system can give you a golden finger. That golden finger is an ability that allows you to insta-kill any green tea bitches and cheating males!”

“I accept the mission! Tell me what I should do!” Zhou Min was lured by the final reward mentioned by the unreliable system navigator. She started to feel she was like the protagonist in “A Journey through Deceptions.”

“Alright! Let’s take a look at your status first.”

‘Status?’ While Zhou Min was confused by the term, a Ding! was echoed within the empty space, and the next moment, a fluorescent screen appeared in midair. Zhou Min looked at it and saw something written on it and her expression darkened.

Status ScreenGender: Female

ID: 250

Name: Zhou Min

Age: 23

Intelligence: 39/100

Appearance: 50/100

Strength: 22/100

Softness: 75/100

Charisma: 10/100

Skills: None

Special Skills: None

“What the heck is that ‘softness’?” As for the other attributes, it wasn’t difficult to understand their role. However, she had no idea what “softness” meant… She had the sudden feeling of being enlightened!

“Hey… Cough! Cough! You will understand it in the future. After looking at your stats, I think they are quite appalling. I am incredibly surprised. Oh my god! How did you live safely until the age of 23 with that kind of stats?!” 484 exclaimed with exaggeration.

Zhou Min blushed in shame. “Anyway, we have been talking for a while now, but can you tell me where we are”

“I am the system and the system is me. After you level up and can provide me with enough energy, I’ll be able to take form.”

“You can be upgraded?!”

“Now, I know why your IQ only has 39 points. Shouldn’t you pay more attention to how you can level up?”

When 484’s somewhat belittling voice echoed, Zhou Min felt she was being treated like a child. Without letting Zhou Min the time to argue back, 484 continued in a proud voice. “250, I found a story that is very suitable for you right now. Let’s start downloading it right away! Considering your worrying IQ, I, this great system, has decided to give you a treasure that I have keep in store. This will be your newbie package which will help you to accomplish your first mission!”

A sudden wave of dizziness hit Zhou Min. Before she have the time to react, she felt a strong suction pulling her into somewhere. She was still stunned when 484’s voice was heard in her head. “Downloading the storyline!”

She felt a sharp pain from her brain and numerous images flitted through her mind. The storyline was a typical revenge story where the protagonist used her own body to pave her way to a brighter future.

The protagonist, or so to say, the female lead, looked like the so-called white lotus, with an innocent appearance that could arouse people’s pity when gazing upon. When she is dressed, her figure appeared slender. However, she had all the right curves underneath. Her skin was glossy and smooth to the touch, and her skills in bed were superb. Her mouth would always say no and she would constantly play tug-o-war with all the powerful and wealthy males in the empire, but in the end, she enjoyed the pleasure of bed sports as much as a succubus. It would be an eternal process of “you force me and I force you” and “I am aggrieved because you force me.” In other words, this is the proper behavior of a green tea bitch. Next, the female lead would use all the supporting males’ influence to quickly and ruthlessly get rid of the female antagonist and reach the position of the male lead’s companion. Following that, she would use her mastered “in-depth talk on bed” skills to grab more than just the heart of the male lead, and successfully conquered him. Her skills made the male lead so satisfied and completely drained that he had no other thoughts with other female characters. Do take note that the female lead continued to be pampered by the male side characters. Finally, she became Mist empire’s first empress. So, this was the story of a female protagonist who successfully took revenge and became an Empress.

From a reader’s point of view, this kind of straightforward plotline with smut everywhere and harem ending is very blunt, but it can be very enjoyable to read! However, that was only under the premise that she wasn’t the actual story’s unlucky female antagonist. Everybody was all rejoicing with a happy ending, yet her ending left her unhappy. ( ̄へ ̄)

The male lead was the emperor of the previous dynasty. To make a long story short, when he was small, he lacked care; when he grew up, he lacked love. Therefore, he was raised to thread on the path of a ruthless tyrant who held the ideology of supremacy. He was someone who completely adhered to the “no-nonsense” talk.

As for Zhou Min, she was very low-key and unpopular cannon fodder. She barely appeared and died as a stepping stone, acting as the catalyst for the female to get acquainted with the male lead since she was the only link that would allow the two of them to meet. In fact, she was the male lead’s blood-related little sister and also, the Lan empire’s dispensable princess!

Her client’s wishes were to protect her blood-related big brother and prevent her brother from falling in love with the vengeful female lead which would cause the downfall of the empire.

Zhou Min burst in tears. ‘This idiotic girl! She was clearly the punching bag of everyone on the harem, and even her own brother despised her for no reason at all.’ In the end, her soul surprisingly obtained a way to fulfill her wish, but her wishes weren’t for herself. ‘Truly an idiot that made people distressed for her!’

“Quick, quick, quick! The male lead is in danger. Move, move, move! Hurry! Go and snatch him! Hurry! A reminder for the tasker, if the task fails, it will be immediate disposal~!” Zhou Min didn’t get to curse at 484 when she heard its warning. She was immediately rendered speechless. ‘Why didn’t you tell me that before? You’re playing with me!’

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