TCFO Arc 1: The Rise of the Coward Princess - Chapter 1

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“Detection of a suitable host. Detection of a suitable host. The host is unconscious. Switching to automatic synchronization mode… Starting synchronization… Ding! System binding: 10%… 40%… 85%… 100%. Synchronization and binding complete. Congratulations Host! You have now become the 250th fate-reversal cannon fodder of erotic novels. I am System Navigator 484.”

Zhou Min, who was unconscious on the ground, flung back her head. She seemed to hear a cheerful and excited voice buzzing noisily in her ears.

‘2501! What the heck?!’ Zhou Min sat up and supported her head with one hand. Her mind was still foggy. She clearly remembered walking on the street while holding the cake she ordered yesterday. ‘What hap-’

‘AH!’ She remembered. It was a car accident. She was on the way home with her cake when suddenly an Audi speed off at the corner and hit her. So, that was how she died?!

Zhou Min promptly checked if her body wasn’t fractured or missing a limb. Soon, she discovered that she was perfectly fine. Just when she started to question herself, she once again heard that noisy voice.

“Hello! You are the new 250th host. I am System Navigator 484, an A.I. I…”

“250! You are 250. Your whole family is 250…”

When Zhou Min heard she was called 250, she was bursting in anger and the whole atmosphere smelt like gunpowder. However, as soon as she was done cursing, she became stupefied. ‘Where is it?’

She got up and prudently observed her surroundings. She felt even more at loss. She was hit by a car. Even if by some miracle she survives, she should have been sent back to her home by a neighbor. Her house was on a small street, so it was impossible that the neighbors didn’t see the accident. Either that or the driver has a sudden burst of kindness and decides to bring her to the hospital. ‘But where the heck is it?’

‘And whose voice was that? There is no one in this space… Don’t tell me that… I am in hell?!’ So, she really died?!

Zhou Min let her imagination runs wild and almost got a nervous breakdown. Then, she recalled the voice from earlier. Perhaps, that person knows more than her. Thus, she cautiously asked, “Who are you? And where is this place?”

“250, you finally let me speak, but to ask me that kind of question… Oh yeah…”

When she heard what the voice said, blue veins popped on her forehead and she only wants to strangle it. However, she restrained herself. It was better for her to endure while in an unfamiliar environment. She cannot act blindly without thinking. Yet, to be cheerfully called 250… That thing better not let her find it, otherwise, she would teared it apart. This retard made her too aggrieved.

It was with difficulty that Zhou Min squeezed out a smile. “So, where is this place? What happened to me? I am really dead?”

“According to my knowledge, you are dead, but… at the same time not truly dead…”

Zhou Min tightly clasped her head and tried hard to tell herself that this is the words of a retard and she shouldn’t let herself be affected by it! ‘Don’t be angry. Endure it!’

She continued to force herself to smile while fuming in anger. “You might as well not say anything. Remove all the superfluous words and tell me the main point!”

Looking at the woman on the verge of erupting, 484 trembled. It immediately answered, “Your soul is bound to a transmigration system that allows you to cross to other worlds.”

“What?!” Zhou Min felt as if she was listening to some kind of extraterrestrial language which makes her unable to comprehend and process the information. She felt that she was about to faint.

“Anyway, congratulations 250! You have officially joined the strategic dating simulation game ‘Male Protagonist, you are so hateful~’ You can now enjoy each story arc as much as you like.” Zhou Min was still dumbstruck, thus she couldn’t react to the new shocking information. When she was able to process it, she became even more speechless. She gritted her teeth to the point the grinding sounds could be heard. Her teeth were really itching to bite someone!

Fortunately, that so-called dunce system 484 had no idea about her state of mind. It was still jubilant and continued to introduce to her the unfathomable mysteries of the system. “In every mission you are assigned, the main big boss will be different. The strategy to level up his affection will also change. The first goal is to capture the big boss’ ‘heart’, and the second goal is to fulfill the cannon fodder’s wish in order to eliminate her grievances and restore the world’s peace.”

‘Male Protagonist… You are so hateful~~’

When Zhou Min heard that retarded 484 speaks cutely with that odd-sounding voice, she couldn’t help having goosebumps. Then, she suddenly had a flash. She remembered she did stealthily download an 18+ dating simulation game with realistic graphic… That’s just to gain in-depth knowledge of the interaction between a man and a woman. She was only curious and just wanted to take a look at it. She only took a small peek at it, really!

“Every time you successfully capture the male protagonist and fulfill the cannon fodder’s wish, you will receive the cannon fodder’s blessing. By accumulating the blessings, you will be able to obtain the chance to resurrect. Isn’t that exciting?! Aren’t you happy? Don’t you feel you obtain a good bargain? Aren’t you grateful to me since I am the one who found you?”

When she heard the retarded system navigator happily taking credit, and calling her by that blasted name, Zhou Min only felt a burning surge of anger hard to repress. She had the urge to madly hit that invisible and annoying system navigator.

“In case of failure…”

“I am very persistent. It’s alright if you fail since the mother of success is failure. So, it’s not shameful to fail. There won’t be any punishment in case of failure. As long as you learn from your failure and groom yourself to be better, tackling any degenerated and brutal missions throw at you. Then, there is nothing to fear!”

This kind of tone that could only cheat the Little Red Riding Hood was too déjà vu. Although Zhou Min couldn’t see where that thing was, she could still determine the direction it was situated from where its voice sounded. Thus, she smiled in that direction. “Do you mind explaining to me what do you mean by ‘any degenerated and brutal mission’?!”

“250, you want to know? Do you really, really want to know?  Do you absolutely have to know? Are you curious? Really, really curious about it? Are you dying from curiosity?” Once again, 484’s annoying voice was heard. Zhou Min’s veins popped on her forehead from anger. ‘I have to endure!’

1. 250 in Chinese = idiot who courts death. There is a story behind it. In ancient time, there was an emperor who almost got assassinate. After investigation, he couldn’t find any clue that could lead back to his assassin, thus in spite, he announced that he will give 1000 gold to the brave hero who tried to kill him. So, four men came forward and said that they were the one. Since there were four people, the emperor asked them how to divide the 1000 gold. They said it should be split in 250. After that, the emperor decreed to cut them into 250 parts. The End~

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