92| Bonfire

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We sit by a bonfire,
Well aware how it burns,
Pull out a piece of your soul,
And pour it in the hearth,

We put on some masks,
To protect ourselves from the heat,
And we cut off a chunk from our life,
To the bonfire like meat,

It's the bonfire of society,
And we give to keep it burning,
Once you're all empty of things to offer,
There would be no more turning,

Just jump into it until it lights you alive,
And then someone else would take your place,
In a circle we sit together and fight,
Against ourselves every day,

We call it tradition, the norms, the fate,
Terrified of simply walking away,
The bonfire of future gives us warmth,
The coldness of reality we can not take,
We live under the light of someone's corpse,
We learn to live and die with the pain.

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