Chapter 2

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Hey Guys! I did actually make some changes to this one, so it's longer then it was before. Hope you guys like it and I promise I will start updating more if anyone is reading this. Comment please to let me know that you do want me to continue this! Thanks!



Gram as usual was right about everything she said in her note. The roads were terrible. Black ice was already starting to form and it was snowing lightly. It's a good thing she was right about the school being easy to find though otherwise I defiantly would've gotten lost. Pulling up to the giant red and gray brick building I thought that it looked more like a prison then a high school. I found an empty space to park and then walked through the front doors- at least I thought they were the front doors. The one word that came to mind to describe this place would have to be psychotic. Student artwork covered the walls and filled display cases. It was one huge melting pot of color and as gross as it sounds it looked like a rainbow threw up on the walls. As I walked down the hallway the art gave way to posters proclaiming upcoming games and sports meetings. The school mascot was plastered everywhere in the form of posters, floor tiles, wall murals, and in some cases clothing. I finally found the office doors and walked in to find someone already in the room. A tall, thin, preppy looking blonde girl who shot me a dirty look before returning to the papers she was sorting. I glance around the room just as a frail looking women comes into the room.

Talking in a very sweet voice I say "Um, Excuse me?" I don't know why but I always talk like that to people I don't know. The women looks up and rushes over to the counter I'm standing in front of.

"Oh you must be Jamie Prescott! I'm Mrs. Morgan and I'm so sorry for your loss." She looked concerned but in the way everyone else was after the accident, sorry but, very grateful and happy that it didn't happen to her. I put on the fake grin and said

"Thank you but, I know they're both in a better place now." In a voice oozing with grief that at the moment wasn't genuine at all.

I'm not saying I wasn't sad about what had happened because for the first week all I did was cry but, then I thought of something. What am I going to do when I can't cry anymore? Is this how it will be until I die? So after that first week of crying and just shuffling around the house I pulled myself out of bed and dragged myself to school. Did I want break down and cry when everyone was telling me how sorry they were? Yes. I'm not gonna lie. I wanted to break down and just bawl my eyes out until there were no more tears left in me. Did I? No. I kept my head up and learned to just keep the tears in. It's not like crying would bring Jesse and Dad back anyway would it?

The secretary handed me my class list and told me I would also be getting a student guide for the first two weeks. She turned and called back into the room she had just come from.

"Trevor. Could you come here?"

A boy with dark brown hair and even darker brown eyes walked into the main part of the office. He was really tall. At least a foot taller than me and I've never been considered short. He crossed the room in two long strides and joined our little group making the preppy girl glare at me before once again returning to her papers. Mrs. Morgan spoke to the boy but I was too busy looking around the room again to catch anything that she had said. When she was finished she walked back to the room she had been in before.

"So I'm Trevor and you must be Jamie. I'll be your student guide for the first two weeks since our classes are pretty much the same. We should get going so we're not late for English." He smiled sweetly and led me out of the office with his hand on my back.

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