Prologue-Broken Promises

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Broken Promises

I skip along the sidewalk humming as daddy laughs quietly behind me. I smile back at him and grab his big hand with my little one. He smiles really big and his dimples show. Daddy picks me up and puts me on his shoulders. I giggle and hold onto his hands that he puts on my legs.

“Daddy can we have cake for dinner?” I ask as he walks into the money store.

He laughs and shakes his head. “You know mommy won’t let us eat cake for dinner.”

“That’s because mommy is mean.” I pout and he takes me off his shoulders.

Daddy kneels down and grabs my little shoulders gently. “Mommy is not mean. She's just really sad that your little sister went to heaven before we got to meet her.”

I look into his big blue eyes that are the same as mine. Biting my lip I nod making daddy smile and stand up after he kisses my forehead. I won’t tell him that mommy hit me because then he will get mad at mommy and mommy will hit me again. She said not to tell anyone so I won’t.

Daddy grabs my hand and I follow him towards the big window. A man smiles at him and they start talking about taking money. Daddy says this place is called a bank and it holds his money for him. He's taking money out so we can buy mommy a present for her birthday.

I look around and smile when I see lollipops on a table. I run over and grab a cherry one. They are my favorite flavor! Opening the lollipop I stick it in my mouth and smile when the cherry touches my tongue. I giggle and sit on the big sofas as I wait for daddy to finish talking with the man.

A loud bang makes me jump and cover my ears. I look up and see two men holding big guns with a black mask covering their faces. People fall to the floor and I run to my daddy. He grabs me and put me behind him to hide me from the guys with guns.

“Daddy I'm scared.” I whisper and I feel tears fall down my face.

His hand rubs my leg and he nods. “I know you are Wynter but don’t worry I won’t let anything happen to you. Just stay quiet and we’ll be fine.”

I nod and put my face into his hard back. I can hear people crying and the guys yelling about giving them the money. That’s not their money though. It’s not fair that they are stealing other people’s money. Daddy always said you have to work for what you want. They aren’t working for it they are stealing it.

“Just take the fucking money and leave!” A lady screams from next to us.

They turn to us and start walking over. I hide behind daddy before the bad guys can see me. When I peek around his arm I see the bad guy hit the lady across her face. I feel my daddy shake and then he's gone. Daddy fights back and I watch him punch the guy in his nose. I jump up and punch the back of his leg making him fall down.

“You little fucker!” He screams at me.

I cry out when I feel someone grab me from behind. I kick and scream but then something cold touches my head. Looking at daddy I see tears in his eyes as he looks at me. My eyes move to the left and I see a gun next to my face. Tears fall down my face and I reach out to my daddy.

“Leave him alone! He’s only 6 years old, he's just a baby!” He says while trying to grab me.

Daddy falls onto his back when the other man pushes him away. I scream when I hear the gun go off. My eyes close tightly but nothing hurts. I peek around and see people crying and hiding. When I look down I see daddy on the floor with blood coming from his tummy.

“DADDY! Daddy, please don’t die.” I cry and the man drops me to the floor.

I crawl to daddy and grab his hand. “Daddy I'm sorry. This is all my fault.”

“It wasn’t your fault Wynter. I made my choice to protect that lady and this was the consequence. I'm sorry that you had to see this.” Daddy groans and his eyes get tight.

I sniffle and wipe my runny nose on my shirt. “Are you going to be okay? I don’t want you to die daddy. You’re my bestest friend.”

“I'm sorry Wynter. Take care of mommy for me okay? She's going to need you to be strong. I love you son and I always will.” He says quietly before closing his eyes.

I shake my head. “You didn’t answer my question daddy! Are you going to be okay? Daddy? Daddy why aren’t you talking to me? Daddy, please wake up!”

Tears fall down my face as I lie down next to daddy and cuddle into his side. That’s okay, daddy is probably tired and I will wait until he wakes up. He promised to take me to the park today. Daddy never breaks his promises.

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