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Brushing the hair from your eyes, you tiredly continued typing up the essay. It was nearly 2 am on Saturday, and the essay was due Monday, first hour. Why did Mr. Hatano have to assign such a long essay for homework? Damn him!

Okuyasu had fallen asleep long ago; his essay was barely a few paragraphs long, before the five pages of the letter f sabotaged. He had fallen asleep while writing, so his head had mercilessly crushed the keys of the membrane board, straining the computer's performance. His laptop was probably going to catch fire from how hot the screen was, but you couldn't care about that right now. This essay was going to make or break you grade to pass this class.

History was an ass, and so was the teacher, but you still liked the class. The past made the present, and it was honestly fun to learn about how everything people from the past had done made the world how it is today. History was also the class that introduced you to Okuyasu, your adorable dumbass boyfriend.

You could write three essays worth about how much you loved this boy. His silly nature, goofy smile, hardheaded resolve and undying loyalty were just a few traits that sent your heart racing faster than an Olympics runner. You two had only been dating for six months, but it felt just like yesterday you were hearing Okuyasu very awkwardly confess his feelings of love towards you. He had stuttered over the word 'love' so many times, it was so cute to see such a tough boy become so flustered over a confession.

Your mind started wandering off, and with a heavy sigh, you shook yourself out of it. It was high time to finish this abomination of an essay once and for all..! Of course, trips to the kitchen for more coffee were made several times. What kind of soon to be graduate would you be without your caffeine? Caffeine was really the only reason you even managed to get through the day. 

Two and a half hours later, you finally finished. The sun was just peeking over the hills, and the pages on Okuyasu's paper had reached over 500 from his held down letter. Shutting your laptop and stretching your arms, you let your body pop and crackle. Honestly, your back sounded like a firework exploded after being bent over the computer for some long. This mini firework show surprisingly didn't wake Okuyasu up. You stood up and walked to where your boyfriend was, sleeping on the floor, face down.

Taking the laptop from under his face, you shut it down and nearly burnt your fingers from how hot the screen was. Jesus Christ, this thing was a ticking time bomb! You put the spawn of hell computer on the most inflammable place in your room, praying that the house wouldn't catch fire while you slept. Taking the blanket from your bed, you wrapped it around both yourself and Okuyasu and snuggled into Okuyasu.

He smelled like cheap cologne and less cheap hair gel, but it made you feel better. His face looked so peaceful while sleeping, it was like watching a lamb. Quickly, you whipped out your phone and took a picture of the sleeping beauty, setting it as your lock screen. Unfortunately, the flash was on, so after your not so sneaky picture, Okuyasu began waking up.

His eyebrows furrowed a little, then his lips curled down in a scowl from the bright light that was just in his face. Cracking open an eye, his scowl automatically became a smile when he saw you next to him. "When did you get here?" He asked with a raspy voice. "A few seconds ago. Go back to sleep baby sheep." You said tiredly, feeling a little guilty that you woke him up.

With a nod, Okuyasu wrapped his arms around your waist, one of his long legs draped over yours. You were trapped in his embrace, but you weren't planning on escaping. Nuzzling your head into the crook of his neck, you closed your eyes, and sleep came much easier than you thought it would. Listening to Okuyasu's rhythmic breathing, your eyes shut and you found yourself sinking into a dream.

There was sun above you, bright and warm, but the stars were still out. Dream you didn't question it, and saw a hill, with a tall weeping willow tree at the top, it's leaves gently falling and being swept in a warm breeze. Walking up the hill, you saw Josuke and Okuyasu having a picnic, the smell of sandwiches and bubble soda somehow making its way to your nose. Trudging up the steep hill, you thought it was weird that despite how fast you were walking, you weren't making much progress. 

"Hey, Oku, wasn't your girlfriend going to join us today?" You heard Josuke ask.

"Yeah, I wonder where she is. If she doesn't get here soon, I might as well eat her sandwich."

Those words compelled you to keep running up the hill. Hell no was your sandwich going to be eaten by anyone else but you! You kept shouting and yelling at them that you were right there, but it seemed they couldn't hear you. What seemed like an eternity later, Okuyasu picked up a new sandwich, your sandwich, and lifted it to his mouth, almost taunting you to hurry up.

Your running became desperate, but it felt like the hill was fighting against you. Every step you took would just drag you back down until you jumped out of your spot to a new one. What the hell was wrong with this hill?! Was it so determined to starve you of your sandwich that it'd defy all natural laws just to torture you? What the hell was this dream?

"Okuyasu Nijimura! Get your hands off my food!" You shouted desperately, but it was no use. Okuyasu had eaten it, and the feeling of betrayal settled in. That boy...! Who did he think he was, eating your sandwich in front of you?! He was SO getting his ass beat when you got up there. And so was Josuke, that pompadour styled brat didn't even so much as lift a finger to stop Okuyasu! And somehow, this hill's ass was getting beat too! With all your strength, you began curb stomping at the hill until it made groaning noises? You kept going, all your anger from this betrayal fueling your strength.  The hill started feeling soft under your foot, which confused you. Wasn't it supposed to be made of dirt? You gave it one last curb stomp, before waking up.

Turns out, it wasn't a hill you had been kicking. For a full thirty minutes during the night, you had been mercilessly attacking Okuyasu until you kicked him right in the sunshine zone for your finishing attack. The sudden cruelty to his jewels woke Okuyasu right up, his eyes crying and nether regions in a whole world of pain like he never knew. "What the hell, (Name)?!" He shouted, before noticing you were asleep. His shouting woke you up, and you were very confused to see tears pouring out of his eyes and legs crossed together tightly. "Huh? What happened, babe..?" You asked sleepily, hair messily strewn across your face. 

"You kicked my dick while sleeping! Shit hurts!"

"Oh, so that was the squishy thing in my dream..."

Guilt immediately settled in. You had Street Fighter style curb stomped Okuyasu's jewels and didn't even know you had done it. "I'm sorry baby! Forgive me!" You pleaded while laughing, Okuyasu's pained and betrayed expression killing you. You tried to get him to look at you, but he refused, turning his head whenever you moved your face in front of his. "Baby, please look at mee! I'll make you feel better however I caaan!" You said, still laughing. Okuyasu finally looked at you. "You wanna make me feel better?" He asked. You nodded.

"Kiss them better."

"Okuyasu, I'm going to curb stomp you again, and this time it won't be on accident!"

"Waah! Don't aim there again!"

⭐ sunny nights - end ⭐

This was a oneshot I made at 1 am, so the beginning parts might not be too logical, lol. Okuyasu honestly deserves way more love and I'm going to write more about him in the future, so don't you worry, my Gang Stars! ⭐

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word count: 1441

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