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"Hyerim!!!"they all shout i look who it was

It was Bts and black pink

"What are you all doing here?"i ask and they all came in with balloons"what is this balloons for?"i ask again

"Well you're wedding is coming up and we all decided to come her and congratulate you"jennie said i stand up

"Group hug!"jhope shout and we all hug

(After work)

I clean my table and i took my things wen my phone rings i took the call



???:hyerim-ah this is jackson!

???:yah!its got7 okay!

Hyerim:*i laugh*oh oppa!why did u call me?

Yugyeom:u didnt even tell me your getting married!

Bambam:us..she didn't tell us okay?

Hyerim:im sorry!im really busy with work since my friend jinyoung wanted us to babysitting his children

Jinyoung:me?!but i dont have a kid?!

Hyerim:no!not you!

Jb:anyways were going bye bye see u at your wedding!

All of them:bye!we miss you!

Hyerim:bye!i miss you all too

(I ended the call)

I went to my car and drove to the house


I arrived at home and found jungkook playing with kids they all look at me and run

"Hi babe!"jungkook said and he gave me a peck

"Hi unnie!"the girls said and they hug me

"Hey jiyu and jiyeon,did u have fun playing with your oppa?"i ask them and we went to the living room

Jungkook turn on the t.v

Until a news caught our attention

"Bts member jeon jungkook is getting married to the most beautiful and successful business woman in the whole korea,park hyerim"

"What?!"we both shout i stand up

"Atleast the whole world knows that your belongs to me"jungkook said i blush on what he said

"Okay kids lets go to bed."i said and we went to their room

(After we put them to bed)

Me and jungkook went to our room did our night routine

After that we lay on the bed

"Lets go to bed 'cause tommorow is gonna be a long day"jungkook said and we both sleep

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