Ch.19 - Let's Get Serious

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Ryou proceeded back into the stadium after finishing his lunch with Sunny.

He was aware of what was going to happen next.  A one on one battle with another student who made it into the next round.  Which meant he was finally going to get his chance to use his Quirk to his fullest.



Ryou looked at the Black Hazard Ridewatch as the rest of his class was getting ready for the Sports Festival.

It almost felt was calling to him.  Like it wanted him to use it during the festival.

But last time things went very sour when he used it.  With the huge power boost came a huge downfall...his consciousness.

"Hey, Ryou!  We're getting ready to go out!  You ready?" Mina called out as she headed out the door.

"In a minute."

Ryou stuffed his Ridewatch back in his bag, and grabbed a blank Ridewatch and closed the locker.

This would do.

He wasn't going to succumb to the Hazard Ridewatch.

That's what Doctor Genus wanted.


His inner thoughts got cut short by Present Mic shouting at the top of his lungs.  It seemed that there were actual sports taking place.

And he turned to one side to see the girls of Class 1-A in cheerleader uniforms.

"  Okay." Ryou walked out to Tsuyu, who was trying to reassure Momo that it wasn't entirely bad that Mineta scammed them.

"Nice Cheerleader outfits, girls.  I never realized how supportive you all were of everybody else that'd you dress like this to give us all encouragement."

Momo shot a glare at Ryou, as Uraraka waved her pom-pom in front of her, trying to reassure her that Ryou just wanted to compliment them, as she slightly giggled.

"Ryou, are you participating in the sports portion of the festival?  Kero, kero." Tsuyu asked.

"Nah.  I've got some planning to do, Tsu.  But I'll watch from the sidelines at all of you having fun."

He turned to go away, but Tsuyu tapped him on the shoulder.


Mina, Jirou and Uraraka looked at Tsuyu and Ryou, almost like they were waiting for something to happen.

"Good luck."

Ryou warmly smiled and walked off.

"Awe!! Tsu, I thought you would definitely try to talk to him." Uraraka laughed.

"I don't think now would be a good idea right now.  Besides, I think it's too..." She looked up at Sunny.

"You never know if you won't ask." Hagakure patted Tsuyu on the shoulder.

Meanwhile, while everyone was participating in the sports competition, a figure was standing next to All Might, snapping pictures with a familiar pink camera.

"That's him?"

All Might nodded from the sidelines. "Yes, young Ryou.  He uses the Kamen Rider Ridewatches as part of his Quirk."

"Interesting." The figure scratched his chin.

Ryou, back from down below, watching some of the sports from the sidelines, was running about a thousand types of different simulations in his head.  Who he would face and what he would use, it was all up in the air and could change on the dime.

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