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"You knock."

"No you knock."

"We knock together."

"Okay but you speak."

"I WILL KNOCK AND SPEAK OKAY!" Cate stood as the referee for Taika and I. Well, I was nervous and Taika pointed at me! Glad that's all over. Cate is my saviour.

A dressed up Tom opened the door. God, he's so freaking pretty.

"Good morning!" His thick British accent was emphasized, and I almost swooned. Let's not do that. That's if I remember making a note to myself to not swoon.

"Ah, Tom's always prim and proper. We are all trash." Taika says, already dropping his stuff in Tom's foyer. Tom chuckled and made way for everyone to drop their stuff in. Tom steps out and locks his door when we dropped our stuff in.

"Ah no, you're not trash. You're all wonderful people making art by acting and making films. Now, shall we? I want to catch up with you all." Tom said, catching eye contact with me for two seconds. How can I not swoon over that?

"I want English muffins."


"Waffles pleaaaase!!"

"Ah God." Cate massaged her temples. She sure looks done.

"Ooh, I like your shoes today. Gucci?" Jeff suddenly went off topic, and asked Tom about his shoes. They are talking to Tom and I can't even say a 'hi'. Well this is annoying.

"Yeah, Gucci. I like yours too. Fendi?"

They kept on talking. I was hungry and I can't talk to Tom because they're talking to him. I heard my stomach grumble and I thought nobody noticed it but Tessa nudged me and looked at me with furrowed eyebrows.

"What? I'm hungry!"

"Not that! Talk to him!" Tessa whisper shouted. She pinched me and it kept on getting more painful every second I last without speaking to him. So I did.

"Hello, Tom," I smiled, then raised my hand quickly and awkwardly. I hate myself for being like this.

"Hello! Um.. I need to talk to you privately if you have time, by the way." He ran his fingers through his locks. I'm so brittle. One move like that and my love gets more depth, and my heart gets more broken.

How is he going to even say sorry to me, when I love him so much, I love him to death but he can't even return just a bit love? I don't want to give him a nonsensical burden.

This got serious quickly.

I really wanted to cry but I left Tom hanging. I answered, "Okay, sure!" I smiled.

I wish I could take off this stupid mask. The one I always wear whenever I know I'm gonna break down. I wish I could tell him now. I'm just so afraid that I'm not enough for him, and that may be the reason why he doesn't love me.

I wish that I could show him me.

"I'm going to buy your tickets! Oh my god, the line's not long in the IMAX theatres." Jeff suddenly joked. As I said, I had my mask on so I had to keep up with Jeff to lessen suspicions.

"Ah, it's long." I replied. "Longer than the other IMAX theatre. Like Tessa and I have three patrons going to watch our masterpiece and the theatre beside it has none."

"I think what you meant was 'Few is better than nothing'." Taika corrected. Hey, we already had a lot of people who watched it! It just so happened that we were going to watch it on it's fourth week.

"I think if Taika directed it then Marvel fans would theorise that he'll be directing Thor 4." Tessa commented. "They're good at connecting stuff. But wait-are you directing Thor 4?"

"Sign the contract, Taika. Our production team and shooting was fun." Cate reasoned. Yeah, she was right. "Just sign the goddamn papers because I want more fun Marvel mo-"

"It's not that easy-"

"Guys, we bought the tickets for 2:00 pm. You think we could finish lunch early?" Tom gets in again. I didn't notice him going with Jeff to buy tickets though.

"I think we'll take 2 hours to finish eating lunch and bantering and arguing and joking around." Mark started walking out and we followed him, laughing.

"So.... does this movie have a post credits scene?" Taika shouted from his seat. Tessa and I looked at each other, wondering if we should prank them but then we would also have to wait for nothing.

"Let's go!" I stood up, grabbing my empty popcorn buckets. I ate too much today, huh?

"That was great. Tessa and Chris, thank you," Mark patted my back(but it was more of a shove). "For not scamming us by telling that there is a post credits scene. Also I think we would all need pawny to talk to Chris."

I laughed at Mark's reference. Everyone soon got the joke, then Tom spoke. I froze up again. Just great. "That's so mean. We can talk to Chris without pawny ever since we met him, right?"

I tried to laugh naturally but my laugh stood out because it sounded so forced. Tessa glared at me. "Yeah, listen to Tom, guys."

Honestly, it was really noisy when we were watching Mib except when Tessa and I were fighting High T in the film. They kept on making jokes and correlating H's character traits to mine. I mean.. I'm not really like him, right?


"Hiddleston, make sure you reserved VIP seats for us or else." Cate threatened. Her tone was as firm as my mom's scolding voice. I wish I was like her, like a strong woman. I love women. They're so strong and baddass. What if I dress up in one of those cropped tops Tessa wears?

"Yeah, of course I did. Don't worry." Tom laughed and walked-wait, we're not hailing a taxi?

"Are we not hailing a taxi?" I spoke. Taika intervened. He was on his phone a while ago, right? I just wanted to talk to Tom. And low-key want to know if we're hailing a taxi.

"It's good bonding time if we walk all the way there. Come on, I'll direct Thor 4 and add my weird stuff in it if we walk."

"Yay!" Tessa clapped, then leaped all the way to the theatre.

Am I the only one who seems so stiff and weird today?

"Dude, should we like line up when Tom gets out of the stage door? Will it be some kind of support?" Mark asked. I raised an eyebrow. Mark noticed it and argued, "No, like I mean we're going with him after all, and our stuff are in his house-"

"We will. But fans will recognise us, right?" Jeff asked. "I doubt I have any fans though."

"Jeff, even teenagers like you. Are you okay? You have a huge fanbase." Taika chided. Cate just rolled her eyes and said, "If you all want to watch the play, let's go inside. Tom's already getting ready."

I'm not ready to watch it. I will probably get lost in my thoughts when I want to watch Tom.

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