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We all know the classic Disney Princess stories we were introduced to as kids. The Animated movies like Snow White and Cinderella by Walt Disney that has inspired young children and adults for years.

Before the animated movies, Snow White, Cinderella and Rapunzel were stories told for hundreds for years through various different writers. The Brothers Grimm being the most well known for their gruesome take on some of children's most beloved princesses.

But what if the writers had real life inspiration from real life events taking place in our history?

Here are Five Fairy-Tale Stories that might have been inspired by true events.

Here are Five Fairy-Tale Stories that might have been inspired by true events

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The Movie Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs came out in the year of June 1938 by Walt Disney productions.

The classic story about an evil queen, the poison apple and true loves kiss are all elements played out in the film.

Many years before that snow white had a much darker tale.

Written by the brothers Grimm in 1812. Snow white was still the fairest princess we are use to, but the events that take place in the Brothers Grimm tale is not how we imagine true love.

In the story Snow White never Meets Prince Charming until After she has been cursed.

He rides by the Glass coffin and insists to the dwarfs that he must bury her. When the Prince's Guards try to move the coffin, the Apple piece lodged in her throat is unclogged when the guards drop the coffin.

Snow White wakes up and falls in love with the Prince.

The Brothers Grimm however could have based their story on a real life person called Margarete Von Waldeck. A German Countess born to Phillip IV in 1533.

( the very year Anne Boleyn became Queen of England)

At aged 16 Margarete was shipped off to Brussels by her step mother.

There Margarete fell in love with a Prince who would later become Phillip II of Spain.

Margarete's Father  and the Princes Father disapproved of the match.

At aged 21 Margarete Mysteriously died. Rumors spread that the King of Spain had Sent Spanish assassins to Kill the poor young Girl.

Margarete's father owned copper mines that employed children.

This type of work led to many children dying. The ones that did survive had severely stunted growth and often referred to as Dwarfs.

Another True Life Event that could Have Inspired the Brothers Grimm

Is the story of Maria Sophia Von Erthal born 1729. Daughter of Prince Phillip Christoph.

Maria's step mother was said to carry around a magic mirror from castle to castle.

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