Chapter 7

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Blance POV:

It feels like its only been a few months but in reality i have dated Roy -lee exactly one year today. I hope he remembers because he doesn't seem to remember every other month what the date of our 'monthly anniversary' was. I have been working one month and three weeks and received my first salary i brought all the essentials i will be needing during the course the month and even sent some money to my mother as a gesture of thanksgiving for all the years they were there for me i know they didn't always have it easy. I noticed i still have a little spending money left over so maybe i can  something nice for our anniversary.  I thought maybe we should go out and eat a pizza just the two of us, that way i don't have to clean afterwards and can spent more quality time with my boyfriend.

I called Roy-lee and told him what our arrangements would be for the night. He didn't say happy anniversary like i expected him to, i guess he forgot again.

He arrived at 7 o clock so we could be at the local pizza restaurant at 8 pm. I told him today is our anniversary and he apologized for forgetting for the thousand time but he did however say it feels like its been just yesterday  that we started to date, hearing they word send a warm feeling to my heart.

We ordered our pizza and he phoned beeped a message coming in. He said he have to go i must wait for our pizza to arrive he will be back as soon as he can and left the restaurant leaving me alone and feeling awkward.

I waited for almost an hour our pizza arrived a little while ago. I decided to order a soft drink while waiting for him to arrive.

After an half an hour he texted saying i should ask for take way he will meet me at the apartment as soon as he can.

I got home and changed into pajamas feeling like this outing was a complete waste of my time and money. I got hungry and decided to put on my favorite series and eat a few slices of pizza in front of the television.

I went to bed around ten, wondering where Roy-lee was but i also didn't want to text him making me seem paranoid or obsessive about his whereabouts.

He never returned. No text was sent.

Then next morning i got out of bed and completed my morning routine with a heavy heart, something was off i could feel it in my gut.

I just entered my workplace when i got a call from Allison with whom i frequently go out to lunch and mostly gossip. At first i though she wanted to make a lunch date when she asked if she could quickly come over she has something i need to see and someone i need to meet, out of curiosity i agreed.

When Allison got to my workplace she was with an attractive and slightly thick women with beautiful hazel eyes you could not miss.

From the look on Allison face i could tell something was not right because she wasn't her usual cheerful self.

She introduced me to the woman she was with she goes by the name of Tay. Allison asked me what i was doing last night and i told her it was my one year anniversary with Roy-lee, we went to a pizza place and he said he needed to quickly do something then disappeared and never returned.

Allison then told me as my friend she would like to be honest and open with me . She told me while i was waiting at the restaurant for the pizza to finish Roy-lee texted Tay saying they should meet up in about half an hour or so , he will think of an excuse to get away from his girlfriend because he really wanted to have a good fuck for once, not the traditional shit she has been giving him.

Tay then said she wasn't comfortable with the fact that he was already in a relationship and tryed to sleep with her, his response was the two of them could also be in a secret relationship as long as she can show him a good time in bed.

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