Chapter 4

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Exactly a week later saw us both up at five am much to Alex's displeasure at being woken up at such an hour on a Saturday, but once I reminded him as he ate some toast that in just a few hours he would be seeing Happy again he sharp stopped and all but ate his last slice without chewing to go upstairs to brush his teeth and put his clothes on. I had everything packed and our suitcases and backpacks were already by the front door. Our taxi was booked for six ready for our nine am flight to California. Matt had come the night before to collect the dogs as they would be staying with him for the three weeks we would be gone. I followed Alex upstairs to get ready and then check everything was off, even though Matt had said he would pop over a few times a week too check on everything for me.

Once we got to the airport Alex's excitment really started to kick in especially when they called for our flight. He and Happy had spoken nearly every night since Hap had gotten home on the Monday and had texted as well. I had finally managed to speak to Hap's mom as well and we had a great chat about everything. She was very excited to meet Alex at Gemma's tomorrow for the bbq she was doing for us all. I had also spoken to Hap last night and it was agreed that he would drive Tig's truck to the airport to pick us up as Alex was dying to see him again and even though Happy would never admit it he was as well. Koz was already in Charming having arrived yesterday and text me to say he would be riding to the airport with Happy but I already expected them all to turn up just like when they had ridden with me a few weeks before.

Once we where in the air I convinced Alex to either play on his DS or read a book on his Kindle cause as much as I loved the kid if he didn't stop his fidgeting I was likely to try and throw myself of this plane. He finally decided to read and soon was engrossed, so I decided to start the book I had packed in my bag. We were both so engrossed that before we knew it we were landing and the Alex fidgeting started all over again, but this time I didn't let it bother me as we were soon departing the plane and making our way over to collect our luggage. When I spoke to Hap he agreed it would be easier if we just met him outside rather than him trying to park at the airport so when we stepped outside it didn't surprise me that there was a long line of bikes parked in front of the rental place just like last time and I couldn't help but smile at the way Alex turned to look at me and his eyes got wide seeing them all. It was Tig and Koz who made their way towards us and took both cases that I was pulling behind me off me, but the pair only got a brief greeting from Alex as he spotted Happy leaning against the side of the truck and luckily he was on the right side of the side walk cause he didn't move his eyes off him. He didn't even acknowledge all the bikes or riders which surprised me a little, but what surprised me more was the way he threw his arms around Happy's middle and hugged him and the way Happy closed his eyes and hugged him back, neither of them seeing nor caring that the rest of the group of, lets be fair hardened criminal bikers who would all willingly do dangerous and illegal things on a daily basis, all stopped and stared with their mouths open in shock. Including Tig who had seen first hand last weekend just how quickly they had taken to each other, causing me to smirk as I looked away from the two of them and looked instead at the line of bikers with matching expressions on their faces. I couldn't resist whipping out my phone and quickly taking a few photos of them as well as taking one of Alex and Hap but that was just to show Gemma and Maris, Hap's mom. Once they had pulled apart but Alex still had his back to everyone and was looking up at Hap as he scowled at the others who were still staring at him, he simply glared at them and gave them the finger as he turned to look at me and nodded. Tig and Koz finally managed to pull themselves out of their stupor and start to pull the cases towards the truck and put them in the back. Alex finally turned and saw the others looking at him and he went down the row introducing himself to them and shaking hands just like he had last weekend with Tig and Happy. I walked over to Happy and put my backpack in the truck and just lent back on the truck next to him watching Alex hold court with them all.

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