Chapter twenty one vocal for wicked

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Good morning it's Gail I'm still at home I have to run some errands from right now to 12 so I told Manuel my co worker that I'm not coming in today but I'm making my self go to the vocal lesson with Michelle and Whitney,

The kid had a great time having Jon one of our inmate at the jail come in and tell them his story I think they were very interesting

That's what Jon is doing now that his out of jail he's going into each classroom at the school and talking to the kid about jail and how he came out

We should them me and John a little preview of what jail looks like and then the kids got to ask Jon question.

And Jon answer most of them Anahi of course was not very interesting in it so we sent her to the other room

Flashback to Jon visit

Good morning it's John , Gail is on her way to work right now and so am I ,  Gail is gonna do her dancing lesson with ours friend sommer , and I'll be there to watch gail at lunch today

And I will  help the guys who are coming out to the audition for dancing today the boy in Gail class say dancing is for girls expect one boy  our friend jens son Andrew who have been doing dancing since he was a kid

That what Jen has told us , so he's the braves out of all the boy who are in the musical he came up to me yesterday and said you know mr sayers

I think I'm the confident one out of the whole bunch , and I said you have a lot of faith Andrew he just looked at me and said I do have faith thanks mr sayers

As I was walking out of the door of Gail's classroom walking though the hallway. a lot of boy came up to me and said mr sayer do you  think I have faith in doing dancing

And I said of course you all do god doesn't care if dancing is for girl or  boys all he care that you have a great time

I really encourage the boy , I wish I can do that to the inmates in the jail but it take time with the inmates but with Gail as a female chaplain they are getting better some of the guys

I see around town sometime when Gail and I are going to the store I see them they all tell me they are doing better because of Gail I'm grateful that Gail is helping out the guys in the jail

And I tell the guys who I see around town , how are you doing now that your out , they respond with ?,

I'm helping out by doing community service , thank you Gail I'm doing better that what they all tell me

Thank to Gail , and Gail is right there smiling holding my hand , and the list of stuff to get in the other

I think later on this week I'm gonna sit down with one of our inmate and do a podcast and with Gail two

Well I'm off to work now , Gail just left like 5 minutes ago and I'm in my car I'm in our drive way im on the phone with one of our inmate that Gail and I see downtown I'm doing an early podcast with him which will be posted next week

His name is Jon, hi Jon hello Chaplain John welcome to this podcast thank you chaplain

Jon how are you doing now that you're out of jail , I'm doing great thank to Gail's , I'm helping out the student at Gail's work by not getting into trouble I'm come in to mr Silva class and talking to them I'm gonna be there today

Well Gail is gonna be there today , I know she messaged me on Facebook the other day and told me Jon would you be the honor of coming into our special need class to talk to the kid about jail and to share your story

And I said of course Gail , so yea I'm on my way to work right now I'll do a Chaplain John with you after you speak ok

Sound like a plan chaplain John I'll see you there , bye well I just did a podcast over the phone with one of the inmate now I'm off to work

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