Chapter seventeen edith first tooth fell out

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Good morning it's Gail , John is welcome by our kids they really missed him it took them a long time to recover especially

Flashback to a week ago

Good morning y'all it's John , today if you can tell by the title of this vlog I'm finally gonna tell gail and the kids where I'm going I'm gonna tell you guys

Before I'm gonna tell my family I'm going to Los Angeles I got a new job as a chaplain there ...... morning dad morning gabby your up early

Where mom ?, dad I'm in the backyard Gabriella ok mom I'll be right now , ugh I could've told gabby she the oldest she'll understand

"Gabriella?, "come here before you to your mother Gail come here I'll be up there right now

Sit down gabby in fact Gail call all the kids in here sure John , kids your father wants you

What wrong John , I have never seen you this sad all week Gail , kids , viewer I got a new job in Los Angeles

Gabby?, *Gabriella slam the door and ran far away to the end of the street *

Gabby !? , Gabriella wait Diana saw gail ran towards gabby to catch up to her , Gail is everything ok I don't know Diana

A short story after

Mom , Edith is bleeding , oh my gosh Edith come here baby momma my tooth 🦷 came out

All of ours kids had their baby teeth taken out at age 2 Edith baby what you watch I watch teletubbies oh my gosh if you guys didn't know

Teletubbies was one of nicks favorite pbs kids show when he were little

And Erica was magic school bus , and what else did Erica used to watch John , it's was the magic school bus ?,curious George ? ,and Clifford

And nicks was teletubbies, Barney , and Sesame Street oh that right we took both Erica and nick to go see Sesame Street and Barney live

They don't do that no more for kids like Edith I know I wish they did

Well Edith loves teletubbies, and also magic school bus like Erica and Sesame Street and cailou that another one that nick and Erica used to watch together

I would just remember coming home from work in the morning I would work later shift if you remember Gail and there you were watch teletubbies, cailou , Barney , Sesame Street , magic school bus

With Erica and nick , and would join you and then you would make breakfast for us and still would watch it on our portable tv in the kitchen that look towards the living room

Because you never had a normal kid hood your mother left you at a very young age and left you in a box near a ditch

Hey if you guys would love to hear my story of my childhood leave a comment down below

I would love to do a book about that soon the kids and I are alway doing the same routine every morning I think we should do a morning routine

How about that John I think we should Gail , ok so tomorrow we will film our morning routine what Gail does every morning from the time she wakes up to the minute she walks out the door to work

And then the next day it's will be publish I know Gail did her night routine when she was in Hawaii

Am I correct Gail you sure are John that was my night routine of what I would do if I was home with you on that week but I was in Hawaii with gabby

So, that will be another thing about our channel we already did a blooper vlog like when we were in Los Angeles I think I don't remember when
It was but we were somewhere

Gail started a podcast so in the summer when we go visit Gail's sister Gloria she gonna do a podcast with her

And Gail has her own channel called chatting with Gail sayers I think I'm not sure yours correct John oh thank god that I am Gail I was so worry I wasn't

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