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Winn look around the ballroom proudly. The first formal event herb in The Phantom's mansion seems to be running smoothly. As the valet of the house, he couldn't be anymore proud.

Everyone is enjoying themselves.

Nothing could probably go wrong here.

Except whenever you said that, there are always something that would go wrong after that.

The valet quickly notice the colour of water running through the punch fountain are blue.

It was not supposed to be blue.

Winn quickly snap his finger to the near by butler. Just like how they were trained, the butler come closer to the valet.

"Yes, sir?"

"Why is the punch blue? Aren't I said that we will do the red drink?"

"Ummm... There wasn't any specific order regarding to the punch so the chef just prepared blue margarita for the punch.", the butler answered with furrowed brows.

Winn's eyes immediately widen. Holy shit.

"Where is the master? Find him immediately!"

"Wait, sir... I don't get it.."

"Blue margarita are mixed with tequila! Tequila are alcohol. Our damn master have low tolerance against alcohol. Now, find that fool before he do something he'll regret."

The valet sigh. He just hope stupid Kara won't do anything stupid. Well, that is kinda impossible. Stupid Kara would surely do something stupid. That is just how the world spin. Tho Winn does hope the blonde won't do anything overly stupid.

From one servant to another, the whole staff are now on one... Eh... Two main missions. They need to find Kara Danvers and of course, entertain the guests as best as they can.

Seriously, not in their job descriptions.

Don't know about you but I'm pretty sure, they all need a raise.

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